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Prof.Dr.Ahmed Fawzy :
On 300 BC, Alexandria’s famous medical school was established where  Herophilus of Chalcedon – who is  considered the father of anatomy  and one of the leading figures in the development of medicine in Ptolemaic Alexandria – made  the first systematic dissection of human body . It was in Alexandria also where Erasistratus coined the term pathology for the first time and where soranus made the first drawing of the female uterus .Galen, the famous Roman physician studied in Alexandria before practicing in Rome. His teachings and writings survived well into the sixteenth century and formed the basis of more modern medical practices during the renaissance. 
It is well noted that international medical education has been experiencing a lot of challenges and changes in the last two decades that have necessitated a significant reforms; for example, globalization, advances in information technology, best evidence, evidence-based practice, quality practices and quality assurance, and accreditation. In the view of these challenges and changes and after More than 20 centuries of Alexandria famous medical school achievements, Alexandria is regaining its scientific Medical leadership in this part of the world and the establishment of Alexandria Medical Training Center is a crucial manifestation of this role to be the nationally, regionally and internationally recognized leader and reference for healthcare professional education and research.
Healthcare professionals deserve revolutionary education and training that is second to none. Hence on behalf of Alexandria Medical Training Center, it gives me a great pleasure inviting you to actively participate, contribute, collaborate and share our mission and be sure that all of us will be well rewarded.
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Its a pleasure to open and participate in the new technical teaching techniques Used in the AMTC .

Where you can find your passion and raise your education and learn from the expertise.

Animal house and operating theater

For laparoscopic training for surgical specialists that contains 6 well equipped stations

Electronic Library

Allows open access to international publications and journals in addition to have a digitized copy of the center activities

Dry simulation based lab

Gets the trainees a new in depth perspective on handling the real line clinical scenarios with high realistic patient care
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