Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University was established by a Royal decree in 1942 and Since that day the faculty aimed to be a model in excellence and creativity in medical educational  , scientific research and in activating community participation which raises the faculty level and put it with other counterparts at national , regional and international levels.

The Faculty also commitment to provide the society with a fully qualified doctors in diagnosis , treatment of health problems , committed to code the ethics and enrich medical sciences through its participation in medical researches which help in providing integrated  medical care which follow modern technologies in addition to provide the trainee with certificates accredited locally and internationally.

It is worth mentioning that:

* The Number of graduated students from faculty of medicine – Alexandria University ranging from 1500 to 1700 graduates annually

* Numbers of doctors who registered in Master Degree in all specialties from 2015 to 2020 about 2069 postgraduates.

* Number of doctors registered at doctorate degree from 2015 to 2020 is 550 specialists

* The Number of registered specialists in Alexandria is 17688 doctors.

It is well noted that international medical education has been experiencing a lot of challenges and changes in the last two decades that have necessitated a significant reforms ( for example globalization , advances in information technology, evidence-based practice,  quality assurance and  accreditation) in addition to the major change of conducting medical training through dedicated training centers with all advances including simulation and virtual reality training .

Based on the above mentioned changes and directions , Alexandria faculty of Medicine had decided  to establish it official training center ( Alexandria Medical Training Center)  that was opened in 15 Augest 2020

-Foundation training (include house officer and GP).

-Specialty training (courses, workshops and fellowships).

-Advanced sub

-specialty training.


-Nurses training.

-Management training.

-Research training..

-Paramedics Training.

The main objective of the center is to build up highly skilled medical professionals .this can be achieved through

1.Individual capacity Building

2.Institutional capacity Building.

3.Community capacity building.

4.System capacity building.

The creation of the activities will be through the following basis:

Alexandria Medical Training Center is multidisciplinary training center dedicated to offer the highest standard in all specialties of medical training with a specific 5 pillars:

-Endoscopic and laparoscopic training.

-Ultrasound training.

-Simulation training.

-Life support training.

-Research training.

-Africa has a young and rapidly growing population (the demographic giant of the 21st century) .population of over 1 billion people

-It is expected the population will double over the next four decades. By the end of the century, it may host 4 billion people, more than one third of humanity.

-It is quite convenient that the overall health of the people living in the Africa has improved.

-Sub-Saharan Africa has 24 percent of the global disease burden, yet only three percent of the world’s health care workers.

-Even where health workers are available, facilities can be short-staffed, with poor continuing-education training and few opportunities for professional development.

-healthy life expectancy has been increasing in Africa, from 50.9 years to 53.8 years between 2012 and 2015

-The gap in healthy life expectancy between the best and worst performing countries in the Region has reduced from 27.5 to 22 years. However, it still shows inequities, with healthy life highest in countries with better economies.

-The levels of healthy life in the Region are still very low compared to other regions.

-Lower respiratory conditions, HIV/AIDS and diarrhoeal diseases still represent the top causes of both morbidity and mortality.

-Maternal mortality and neonatal mortality constitute a very high proportion of deaths .

-No significant reduction for noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).

-Out of the 20 countries with the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world, 19 are in Africa .

-Sub-Saharan Africa alone accounted for roughly two-thirds (196 000) of maternal deaths

-365 women died per 100000 live-birth in Sierra Leona (highest rate in the world ).

-The main causes of maternal death in Africa are severe bleeding (haemorrhage), infection (sepsis), eclampsia, obstructed labour and unsafe abortion.






-There is a real need for supporting health in many African countries.

-Egypt has a pivot role in Africa.

-Alexandria faculty of medicine has a very good connections and repetition and has also strengthening assets to support.

-Training of Healthcare professionals

-To share educational material including E library between regional universities.

-To foster academic and research excellence of health professionals.

-To upgrade the quality of services rendered to communities by health professional.

-To create forum of exchange of experiences of health staff between African universities as well as ministries of Health and Alexandria University.

-To encourage regional understanding, fellowship and cooperation.

-To encourage the development of inter-university’s educational degrees.

-Encourage and conduct research in all aspect of health promotion with emphasis on morbidity and mortality issues.

-AMTC will assist in making staff available for African staff training on short term basis.

-Official training center of Alexandria faculty of medicine with its history.

-The availability of eminent staff at clinical, surgical as well as research aspects.

-The center is equipped with Animal house and animal theater for laparoscopic training for all surgical specialists –

-Dry simulation based lab that gets the trainees a new in –depth perspective on handling the real hands on practice

-The center is equipped with 8 halls with different capacities ranging from 15 to 40 seats .

-All halls are equipped with interactive smart screen.

-Main hall with capacity 350 seats including a wide led screen for better resolution designed for conferences and large meetings.

– Electronic Library that allows open access to international publications and journals in addition to have a digital copy of the center activities.

Activities conducted through September 2020 to February 2021






Online symposium

Memorandum of Understanding        

Ongoing MOUS and international affiliation





Ongoing Collaboration


International society of ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology   to be the first approved center worldwide

Royal college of Obstetrics and Gynecology

American Board of medical psychotherapy

International society of neurovascular intervention

German society of neurosonography

European Academy of Gynecological Endoscopy

American Heart association

European Resuscitation Council

European society for critical care

European Society of reproduction and Embryology


Granted national accreditation from compulsory Egyptian Medical Training Authority as continuous professional Development provider for two years effective September 2020 .

WOFAPS Memorandum of Understanding

International Collaboration​

MOU was signed between Alexandria Medical Training Center and world federation of associations of pediatric surgeons for collaborative standard training.

Mind Ray Ultrasound School ​

For improve doctor’s efficiency in the Ultrasound field at all medical specialists.

CIPSR Agreement:-

 MOU was signed between Alexandria medical training center and the Centre International de psychosomatique Relationelle (CIPSR) to create an international hub for training and education in this unique subspecialty to achieve the highest standard of training by experts professionals.

Animal house and operating theater

For laparoscopic training for surgical specialists that contains 6 well equipped stations

Electronic Library

That allows open access to international publications and journals in addition to have a digitized copy of the center activities


2 multipurpise halls accomodate for around 40 seats with interactive smart screen

Dry simulation based lab

That gets the trainees a new in depth perspective on handling the real line clinical scenarios with high realistic patient care

Main Hall

With capacity 350 chair including a wide led screen for better resolution designed for conferences and large meetings
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