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We are a Fully Operational Centralized Assessment Unit that was currently upgraded and established early in the academic year 2018-2019. This is in partial fulfillment of the mandates of medical schools’ in their educational reform and in light of NARS recommendations 2017.

We are meant to provide and are the tools for implementation of the faculty policy in conducting integrated, valid and reliable students’ evaluation, in the varied learning domains, in context of achieving the desired competency outcomes of its medical program.

The task further expands to supply constructive feedback that can drive the learning cycle and improve faculty reform strategies to achieve higher national & international ranks.

Details of the responsibilities, organizational structuring and interactional modalities with different faculty departments during conduction of exams whether for core medical courses and other on-going longitudinal studied threads are all detailed in accompanying annexes. Also the by-laws governing all aspects of such varied interactions are also raised.


To continuously guide faculty assessment protocols, monitor its varied utilized tools and select relevant evaluation strategies to improve the over-all examination standards so as to rank the faculty to a higher international recognition.


To select and conduct a justified reliable students’ assessment and analyze the yielded results. This is to be follow by submission of students’ and departments’ feedback and collaborate in staff support by continuously running staff orientation sessions. Furthermore to share in varied research targeted to the refinement of the assessment tools and methods so as to improve the faculty assessment standards and create a secure nationally and internationally recognized exam bank.

Assessment Unit Administration Team

1. Prof.Dr\Wael Nabil

Alexandria Faculty of Medicine Dean

2. Prof.Dr\Mohamed Hesham

Vice Dean for Educational & Student Affairs

3. Prof.Dr\Omnia Nayal

Director of Assessment Unit

4. Ass.Prof.Dr\Yasser Nour

Assessment Director of Assessment Unit

5. Prof.Dr\Hoda Khalifa

Assessment Coordinator Histology

6. Prof.Dr\Iman Daib

Assessment Coordinator Biochemistry

7. Prof.Dr\Gehan Yassin

Assessment Coordinator Physiology

8. Dr.Nehal Nabil

Assessment Coordinator Anatomy


1. Prof.Dr\Soha Rashid
Medical Education Department

2. Prof.Dr\Hoda Khalifa
Medical Education Department

3. Ass. Lec\Noha Eldesoky
Medical Education Department

Supportive Technical Team

1.E-Learning Unit

Nourhan Khaled —- Ahmed Barakat

2. IT Unit