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Brief History of the Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine – Center for Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (AUFM – CEBCPGs) [One of the affiliated centers of the Healthcare Quality Directorate of Alexandria University Hospitals].   The AUFM-CEBCPGs roots back to the vision and dream of Professor Dr. Mahmoud M. El-Zalabany, Professor of Pediatrics and the Dean of AUFM  to establish a state-of-the-art national training and resource center for adaptation, development, evaluation and implementation of Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines (EBCPGs) which constitute an essential pre-requisite for accreditation of healthcare services in Alexandria University Hosptals.   The very first initiative in this long path was the idea of the thesis presented for the Master Degree in Pediatrics that started in 2006 supervised by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud , Prof. Dr. Tarek Omar and Prof. Dr. Nabil Dowidar and presented by Dr. Yasser Sami Amer with the title of; “Adaptation of international clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of the commonest emergency attending the emergency department of Alexandria university children’s hospital” which then bloomed into the official foundation  of the AUFM-CEBCPGs in November 2008 as one of the first affiliated centers and major activities of the HCQU-AUHs , which was itself officially founded in August 2008 also based on the vision and the first official innovative initiative of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Zalabany with Prof. Dr. Tarek Omar and the founding committee with the major objective of developing and implementing a comprehensive program of healthcare accreditation that will introduce a new quality management tool, such that safety and the quality of medical services delivered to the university hospitals is enhanced and sustained.    The AUFM-CEBCPG was initiated during the procedures of organization and establishment of the HCQU-AUHs, it was presented as a concept paper prepared by Dr. Yasser Sami H. A. Amer and Dr. Hossam Ashour H. Dhorgham to the Dean of AUFM, Prof Dr Mahmoud El-Zalabany who at once recommended them to proceed to implement such project and to form a founding committee which included members from the AUFM (Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Zalabany, Prof. Dr. Tarek E.I. Omar, Prof. Dr. Afaf Gaber Ibrahim) and from the Medical Research Institute (Prof. Dr. Nabil M. Lotfy Dowidar) and from the AUCH & HCQU (Dr. Hossam Ashour and Dr. Yasser Sami)and from the Academy of Healthcare Sciences (AHS) of the AUFM (Eng. Ahmed M. Mourady) who together arranged several meetings to formulate the organization, structure and bylaws of the CEBCPGs. The Center was officially founded in November 15th, 2008 to be the first of its kind in Egypt. Now : EVIDENCE-BASED CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINE (EBCPG) for Treatment of Acute Childhood Asthma in the Pediatric Emergency Department



The logo of the AUFM-CEBCPGs was designed by Ramy Mostafa Kamel in 2008, he is now a House Officer and assigned physician in the E-Learning Unit, Medical Education Department founding and a Founding member of the former Alexmed Family.

The elements of the logo were drafted by Dr. Yasser  Sami Amer; the logo contains the blue and yellow colours of the sea, sun, and the sky which are the colours of Alexandria and the picture of the ancient Light-House of Alexandria (Fanar Al-Askandaria) which was one of the very famous (old) seven wonders of the world in Ancient Alexandria which is a symbol of Alexandria and its University and the letters drawn are initials (C.C.G) that stand for Center for Clinical Guidelines and surrounding the Alexandrian elements to ensure the objective of spreading and implementing the EBCPGs in every healthcare facility in Alexandria (they are surrounding and caring for Alexandria like in the AUFM logo where the red crescent surrounds the Alexandria University logo) also the letters(E.B.) standing for Evidence-Based Medicine and Practice that should be the common type of practice in AUH

Mission and Vision


We are the team of Guideline Adaptation in the Healthcare Quality Unit of Alexandria University Hospitals who is working to support and promote the process of adaptation of international evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for all the departments of Alexandria University Hospitals and its affiliated clinical departments of Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine.



We are looking forwards to be established as a national training and resource center for the development and adaptation of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines that will promote facilitation, updating and supporting delivery of evidence based high-quality healthcare services in all national healthcare sectors and organizations and with their collaborative efforts.

Founding Committee



Now You can read the EBCPG for treatment acute childhood asthma in the pediatric emergency department click here

  • Finalized Projects:


EVIDENCE-BASED CLINICAL PRACTICE GUIDELINE (EBCPG) for Treatment of Acute Childhood Asthma in the Pediatric Emergency Department

  •  Current Project:


Six M. Sc. Thesis to produce
Six Adapted EBCPGs :-


1- Treatment of Acute Childhood Asthma (Approved by Pedia. Dept & AFM Council, published, disseminated and currently implemented ) .

2- Treatment of Commonest Breast Feeding Problems (Finalized).

3- Treatment of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy in Neonates (Set Up).

4- Diagnosis of first attack unprovoked convulsions (Set Up).

5- Treatment of ADHD (Set Up)


6- Triage and Acuity Scale (Finalized)


Clinical Pathways:

1- Chest Pain & Coronary Syndromes:

(ICU, Geriatrics Unit, Pulmonology, CD-Pharm)

2- Cerebrovascular Strokes (CVS):-

(ICU, Neuropsychiatry, Geriatrics Unit (IM), Clinical Pathology, CD-Pharm)

3- Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA):-

(ICU, Clinical Pathology, Geriatrics Unit, CD-Pharm).

4- Emergency Trauma:-

(General Surgery, Clinical pathology, ICU, CD-Pharm).

Useful CPGs Links and Materials

Useful Links


Useful Materials

Presentations from previous AUFM-CEBCPGs Workshops (PDF)

  • Prof. Dr. Tarek Omar’s Presentations  EBM
  • Prof. Dr. Afaf Gaber Ibrahim’s Presentations: EBM, Critical Appraisal
  • Prof. Dr. Nabil Dowidar’s Presentations: EBGs
  • Dr. Najoua Mlika-Cabanne and Magali Remy-Stockinger: Adaptation of CPGs.
  • Prof. Dr. Emad Ibrahim: Introduction to EBCPGs: EBCPGs
  • Dr. Tamer Mamdouh Abdel Dayem: Introduction to EBCPGs: EBM
  • Dr. Yasser Sami H. Abdel Dayem Amer: Introduction to EBCPGs: Adaptation of CPGs, GIN 6th -ADAPTE workshop


Note: a copy can be made available after contacting Dr .Yasser Sami

CPGs Usefull Resources and Scientific material:

  • EBM article in Arabic 2004 (PDF) الطب المسند (الطب المعتمد على البراهين)
  • Review article; Adaptation of clinical guidelines: literature review and proposition of a framework and procedure 2006 (PDF)
  • Review article: Adapting clinical practice guidelines to local context and assessing barriers to their use 2009 (PDF)
  • ADAPTE Guideline Adaptation Manual version 1,0 (2007)
  • ADAPTE Resource Toolkit version 1.0 (2007)
  • ADAPTE Resource Toolkit version 2.0 (2009)
  • AGREE Instrument (Version I)
  • AGREE II Instrument (Version II)
  • SIGN 50 (the SIGN overview steps for guideline de novo development)