Shatby Hospital For Children

  • About the Hospital
  • Board Structure
  • Historical Data
  • Hospital Services
  • Mission and Vision
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Scope of Services

About the Hospital

Alexandria University Children’s Hospital is the main Pediatric hospital in the North Coast Region. It serves as a tertiary referral center for four governorates: Alexandria, Beheira, Matrouh and Kafr El Sheikg. It has about 264 inpatient beds with more than 70.800 acute admissions a year in the ER.


The Pediatrics specialization started simple and modest at the time of the medicine College establishment  in 1942 there was only 11-bed in ElAmiry hospital, attached to the Internal Medicine Department under the leadership of Dr.Ahmed Osman Shoukry.


In 1944, the group was able to get the Children’s Hospital in Anfoushy. Which called “Nazli” – from the Ministry of Health, where the capacity was 60 beds including outpatient clinics ,a radiology unit and an analysis laboratory. And the head of children department was Prof.Dr.Ahmed Shafiq Abbasi.

In 1970, the university set up a new hospital for children treatment in Shatby next to gynecology and obstetrics

cs hospital. And it was officially opened in 30 July 1970. It is a large building component of 5 floors includes the reception unit,outpatient clinics, X-ray and laboratory, as well as unit for children surgery. And the hospital capacity became 180-bed. Then they added 2 more floors to the building. So the total number of beds became 288. as well as a unit for premature infants, a unit for polio and Unit for dehydration treatment , physiotherapy units and intensive care unit as well as Specialized medical library.


This specialization has gained a large share of progress where a large area in smouha assigned to the establishment of the new children hospital with capacity of 600 beds. The construction began in 1996.

Board Structure


Historical Data


Pediatrics Department in Nariman Hospital


Pediatric beds transferred to Anfoushi hospital then to OBGYN hospital in Shatby


AUCH founded with 165 beds


Hospital building evacuated and closed after the 1992 earthquake


Hospital re-opened after reconstruction till the present time

Hospital Services

Ground Floor    

  • Emergency Department
  • Out-patient specialty clinics
  • Cath. Lab
  • Single day pediatric surgery unit
  • Lab (clinical pathology and microbiology)
  • Pharmacy
  • Lectures room


First Floor

  • PICU
  • Radiology Unit
  • Administration
  • Physical Medicine Unit
  • IT Unit
  • Medical records Unit
  • EEG Room
  • Main conference room


Second, Third and Fourth Floors

  • Different pediatric divisions with different subspecialties
  • Pediatric surgery department
  • Offices for pediatrics department staff members


Fifth Floor

  • Neonatal surgeries Division
  • Administration Office


Sixth Floor

  • Library
  • Computer Lab


Newly Constructed Buildings

  • Hematology Oncology building
  • Hemodialysis Unit

Mission and Vision


AUCH aspires to provide the highest quality, compassionate patient care through a multidisciplinary teamwork of diverse personnel working together in clinical practice, education, health promotion, advocacy and research in unified multi-campus child friendly facility.



AUCH and its members are driven by the vision of a society in which all children and their families have access to the full continuum of pediatric healthcare services required to allow each child to achieve optimum health status.

In achieving this vision, AUCH and its members will be leaders for high quality, cost effective clinical care, education, research, health promotion and advocacy for children and their families. In addition, specialty medical and surgical care are provided through comprehensive, up to date and scientifically sound inpatient, outpatient and day treatment regimens.

Quality Improvement Plan

Started in 2009:

  • Determination of all hospital processes
  • Revision of general policies and procedures
  • Determination of the specific policies and procedures of AUCH
  • Hospital Signage
  • Creation of new patient files and its implementation soon
  • Training courses of PALS for residents and nurses
  • Disaster plan
  • Patient identification (according to JCI standards)
  • Establishment of Guidelines adaptation committee

Scope of Services

  • Alexandria University Children’s Hospital is the main hospital serving as a tertiary referral center in the north coast region.
  • It works for 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • It provides Emergency Medical Services.
  • Age range served between 29 days and 15 years.
  • AUCH is a teaching hospital, so medical services is provided in conjunction with CME and research work with consideration of patients’ rights and privacy.