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About the Hospital

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was simple in Elamiry old hospital” where, there were a few rooms in a small building where the faculty of dentistry is located now and when the Faculty of Medicine was held, it expanded till the capacity arrived to 40 beds.
When elHadra University Hospital joined the Faculty of Medicine in 1951 a Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was set, headed by Professor Dr./Hussein Toppozada remained there till el shatby hospital was established by the year 1955.
El Shatby University Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology was opened in 1955 and his capacity was 100 beds, the hospital was treating diseases of gynecology and obstetrics as well as cases of infertility and care for premature babies, and then the medical activity increased till it covered the family planning and maternity care.


After a few years a center for blood transfusion was held in the hospital and became the most important and largest blood center in Alexandria and provides services to all hospitals in the region.
1.2.1979 the ultrasound was used for the first time and in 13.12.1979 a unit for the newborns was opened in the hospital.

Then the number of hospital beds arrived to 254 beds in 1986 and the unit of newborn children increased to 40 beds and after they have built two more floors above the hospital building in 1994 the hospital capacity  increased to 376 beds and an intensive care unit was set with a capacity of 5 beds. With the new expansion and the entry of advanced scientific developments to this specialization, a IVF unit was opened in 31/7/1990, also the first center for family planning with the increase of the numbers of operations rooms in the hospital to 10 and increased the number of educational degrees to 3 and a large library was set up and a computer unit to serve the patient data. Development pro projects are still ongoing and expanding.