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Mission and Objectives


Alexandria Faculty of Medicine Clinical Genomics Center a Center of Excellence in Medical Genetics offering medical genetics service at the highest international standards and establishing high quality collaborative research with highly competent and experienced international centers aiming to incorporate medical genetics in the health care system provided at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.


There are three main objectives to work on:
1. Provide Medical Genetics Service
2. Educational and academic activities
3. Research


1. Medical Genetics Service

1. Offer multidisciplinary genetics services for diagnosis and counseling.

2. Integration among different disciplines to provide the service.

3. Organizing the establishment of laboratory services for genetic tests and application of quality control measures and ensuring quality assurance at international standards.

4. Interpretation of genetic test results and review case diagnosis with clinical specialists.

5. Establish genetic disorders database to target health care efforts according to community needs.

6. Cancer Genetics medical services.


Postgraduate candidates of different specialties undertaking their MSc or MD thesis in the field of genetics use the facilities available at AFM CG Centre. In addition to collaborative international research in the field of high technology genomic research.

3. Laboratory Genetics

AFM CG is planning to adopt quality management systems to meet international accreditation standards. In addition there is provision of training on undertaking different genetic testing and interpretation and reporting of results.

The center is the first specialized University Hospital Center to offer neonatal screening of congenital hypothyroidism, phenylKetonuria and galactosemia. Currently the Center is prepared to offer prenatal screening for high risk pregnancy offering biochemical marker detection using standardized time resolved fluorescence technique for screening for trisomies and neural tube defect. These screening tests require pre and post-test genetic counselling and this service is offered at the Clinical Genomics Centre. The Centre will be prepared for offering such a high quality service in collaboration with the Ministry of health.

Offering this service would allow epidemiologic studies to be undertaken to identify the incidence and prevalence of genetic disorders which can be considered as individually rare but collectively common in our community. This would help policy makers and stakeholders to prioritise services and to target our community health problems.


1. Basic medical genetics included in the undergraduate education of medical students.

2. Upgrade the curriculum of postgraduate studies in medical genetics.

3. Hold national and international conferences and symposia in conjunction with National and International collaborators.

Tools and Equipment




 UV-Transilluminator  Nucleic Acid Visualization on Ethidium Bromide stained gels


 Submarine Mini Gel Electrophoresis  Agarose gel electrophoresis for detection of nucleic acid and PCR products


 Electrophoresis Power Supply  Used in Electrophoresis


 Autoclave  Sterilization of Lab ware


 Water Bath  For Thermal adjusted incubations


 Thermal Cycler “Bio Cycler” (PCR)  For automated thermal cycling (PCR)


 Wallac System

 Wallac VICTOR 2 D + adjoined computer (fluorescent plate redden)

 Automatic Dispenser

 Washer & Remover

 In Biochemical Genetics for screening of metabolic disorders such as :

 Phenylketonuria , Galactosemia , Cystic fibrosis

 Hormonal assay – Prenatal screening assay:

 First Trimester     ( B HCG  –  PAPP-A )
Second Trimester (AFP  –  HCG  –  Eu3)

Guthrie card automated puncher for reliability & high through put newborn


Newborn and Prenatal screening protocols

96 well – plate thermal incubator & shaker


 Nucleic Acid Fragment Analyzer e-Gene  12 Capillary semi-quantitative electrophoresis for high  through put analysis of nucleic acid up to 95 samples in single run


 Protein electrophoresis + Power Supply + canon scanner  For Hb electrophoresis and diagnosis of hereditary hemoglobinopathies(carriers & cases)


 Distillator  For water distillation


 Mini – Rocker   MR-1  Rocking shaking for staining trays


 Vortex  Vortexing for adequate mixing & suspension preparation


 Magnetic Stirrer  For solution preparation


 Sensitive Balance  Weighing chemicals


 Biological Safety Cabinet  Class II safety cabinet for hygienic handling of biological samples


 Freezer -85⁰C  Related to research projects & establishing Biobanking


 Freezer -75⁰C


 pH meter  Measuring PH




 Micro Centrifuge



Future Events

Previous Events

First Workshop:

“A Future Glimpse on Metabolic Genetic Diseases in the Newborn”

Date: 15/3/2008

No. of Attendants: 129


Second Workshop:

“Metabolic Storage Diseases: Clinical Genetic Perspective”

Date: 1/12/2008

No. of Attendants: 83


Third Workshop:

“Genetic Language for Clinicians”

Date: 18/5/2009

No. of Attendants: 129


Fourth Workshop:

“Nano Biotechnology Workshop “conducted along the Faculty Annual Congress 2009

Date: 13 -15/6/2009

No. of Attendants: 30



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