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About CRC

Alexandria Clinical Research Center (Alex CRC) is the cornerstone for human research within the University of Alexandria.

It is the first well established center for clinical trials in Egypt.
All clinical trials at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Research Center, are conducted according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines developed by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and the principles contained in the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki on the ”Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects”(2004).
Research Ethics Committee of Alex School of Medicine has to approve all clinical researches carried out in the faculty prior to its conduction.

Alex CRC has been constructed with the assistance of University of Maryland under the twining agreement between of Alexandria and Baltimore cities.


In May 2006,Dr. Nihal El Habachi and Dr. Nadia Zaki attended and successfully completed “Clinical Research Coordination and Good Clinical Research Practice Training Courses” – University of Maryland ,Baltimore ,USA.


Quality Control

Alexandria CRC has been evaluated by four international sponsor audits in 2009 & 2010 with positive reports “Green auditing”.

CRC Mission

CRC Team

Location and Facilities

The center is located on the 8th floor of the New Specialized University Hospital – Alexandria Faculty of Medicine. It has many facilities including:

– Eight Inpatients  Rooms

– Directors Room

– Meeting Room

– Pharmacists Room

– Pharmacy

– Outpatient Examination Room

– Small Lab

– 2 Rooms for Source Documents Storage

– Data Management and Secretary Room


The Center provides a full range of resources and services directly or in coordination with the instutional resources of Alexandria University Hospital

– Research Patient Care

– Trained Research Personnel

– Lab Facilities

– Statistical Consultation

– Computer and Data Management Support

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What is Research?

Research is the systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.


What is Clinical Research?

Research that uses Human Subjects.

A human subject is a living individual about whom the researcher obtains either:

  • Data through interaction or intervention with the individual
  • Any bodily materials (cells, blood, urine, organs, nail clippings, hair)
  • Leftover diagnostic specimens that would have been discarded
  • Medical Information


What is Clinical Research Center?

CRC can serve as a gateway to foster the growth of clinical research by means of the highest ethical and scientific standards in a time sensitive and cost effective manner.


Categories of Human Subject Research

Research that deals with human attitudes, beliefs and behaviors


The study of human physiology and the treat















CRC Activities

Recently attended conferences:


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Contact Us

Address: Alexandria Faculty of Medicine – Azarita – Alexandria – Egypt

Telephone & Fax: 034853691

Postal code: 21131