Now You Can attend Ophthalmology Lectures ONLINE... social elearn
    • History

      Since 2004, the story began when a group of recent students in the first year of Alexandria faculty of medicine, they saw that there was no usage of computer in the learning process of the faculty while the use of computer.. More
    • Mission

      The ELU mission is to provide services to faculty, students, and staff from the various academic departments at AUFM to assist them in the use of multimedia rich internet- connected courses as well as tutorials.. More
    • Services

      ELU provides services related to TEL, in particular we provide and support the Learning and Teaching Online activities and virtual learning environment to all Students, Academic staff and all Medical staff in AUFM.

    • Research and Innovation

      The ELU is constantly researching into innovative and creative ways of utilizing technology in the teaching-learning process. The focus is in making the use of technology as a culture for the user.

  • e-Learning Booklet

    According to the European Community, E-learning is the use of multimedia technologies and the Internet in order to improve the quality of learning through facilitating access to resources and services and through collaboration and knowledge sharing at a distance.

  • Some of Our Work

    Our Strategy

    ELU strategy is to support medical departments to draw upon good quality electronic resources and turn them into quality assured academic programs, which may be delivered, assessed and tracked online. Resources may be seen in the ELU Showcase. Our other interests are in e-learning strategy, the investigation of emerging learning technologies, research and evaluation of our e-supported learning approaches and techniques and here you can preview our E-learning strategic plan
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