Virtual Learning

Why Virtual ?

The Virtual Learning Website is built to create a virtual medical environment for medical students, so they can study, take their exam and interact with each other in this virtual environment to solve many problems that face them in the actual working environment. We are planning to create a Virtual School of Medicine that mostly simulates the actual Faculty of Medicine in Alexandria University. Students can enter this virtual school gain some knowledge and improve their skills in various fields of medical studies. They can see microscopic slides, jars, anatomy specimens, clinical cases, patient investigations, surgical videos and so on. Our target is to create a complete simulation of Alexandria Medical School.


Introduction and Description of Virtual Learning Project

The Virtual Learning Project of Alexandria faculty of Medicine is developed and built by the E-Learning Unit to solve problems of learning that were mentioned before. At the end of this project, Alexandria faculty of Medicine will have its virtual copy on the Internet. Students can access the Virtual School from home. They will see their school with all virtual details that simulate the real life. They will walk into the school, enter school buildings, go to labs, enter the Alexandria Virtual Hospital, see patients, enter the operation room and see surgical operations, take exams and do many other activities that are done in real life.

Our target is to deliver Alexandria School of Medicine to the students’ homes, to be able to interact with their college any time anywhere. Tools that are deficient in the actual school will be efficient in the virtual school. Ways of teaching that are not available in actual learning will be available in virtual learning.

We will start this project by building a virtual environment using ADOBE FLASH, the most popular interactive creating tool all over the world. We will develop various applications for the various departments of the college. After that, all of these applications will be collected in one virtual environment which is Alexandria Virtual Faculty of Medicine.

Next, we will go through the best technologies of learning known by entering SecondLife, the most famous Virtual world used, and build in it our virtual college using advanced technologies. In this virtual world students can create their avatars to communicate with each other and react with the surrounding virtual environment like they would interact with the real world



Be assured that e-Learning is not a silver bullet. Refrain yourself from using e-Learning for every training/learning opportunity. There is a place for e-Learning, but it is not appropriate in every circumstance.

Ashok Malani