Where Do I Begin?

For Staff

The E-Learning Unit is responsible for a number of domains that support the E-Learning concept in the Faculty of Medicine – Alexandria University. Part of the unit’s work is help the staff members of the faculty understand the E-Learning concept and the tools that are used to enhance the educations. For staff members it might be difficult to know the starting point. The job of the E-Learning Unit is to help them and show them where to start and which path to follow. The E-Learning Unit supports:


  • Creating and Managing E-Courses.

The E-Learning unit afford the service of making online courses ,so the instructor can make all his courses on line
E-course is a useful tool for both teachers & students , it save time ,allow more interaction between them & can afford most of the facilities as face to face learning
To make your course on line ,prepare the materials as listed in the check list below & fulfill the request form
We hold a sessions to teach doctors how to make their on line course
For  more information put your question in the contact us menu or visit our office in the 1st floor of academic building

  • Managing Department Websites.

A website is a very important and powerful tool used in advertising nowadays. It is important for each department to have its own website. The website is very useful and could be used in many different fields.

The department can use the website to advertise for itself. Information about the department itself, its staff members, activities, facilities, latest news and events could be posted on the department’s page. In addition, the website could be customized to match the department’s theme or logo. It can be fully customized design wise and functionality wise as well.

To be able to have an up to date website, the best way is to have the website managed by the department itself. For this specific reason the E-Learning Unit has implemented the “Dispersed Content Management”. This model allows the main website to be managed and maintained by many different users. This enables each department to have access to its department page and updated whenever they desire without having to get back to the E-Learning Unit to make the updates for them.

A very useful tool – Content Management System – was developed to support this model of content management. The E-Learning Unit uses the Drupal content management system to manage the website. The links below are links to user guides and videos that show the user how to manage their website using Drupal.

  • Moodle

For Students

Students are the main concern of the E-Learning Unit. All the work done by the unit is dedicated to make the stdent’s experience with education exceptional. To help students, the E-Learning Unit supports the different tools they use in learning. The most important tool for students to use in studying is the E-Learning Portal (ME).

The E-Learning Portal is the most important means of communication between the staff and students. It is of utmost importance for students to have accounts on the E-Learning Portal to be able to communicate with their professors, access their e-courses and learn together with their colleagues.

Below are some links that could help the students know more about the E-Learning Portal and how to use it.

  • About ME

We have been working to create an online e-learning community on this site for Alexandria University, Faculty of medicine to:

  1. Increase flexibility of learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum;
  2. Enhance global employability prospects for graduates;
  3. Support Student cantered learning approaches to supporting learning;
  4. Provide the highest quality of learning and teaching.

E-learning should be used to support the development of Faculty of Medicine’s graduates as:

  1. Independent, reflective and ambitious learners;
  2. Secure and confident in their subject knowledge and understanding;
  3. Effective team players;
  4. Adaptable to change;
  5. Good communicators;
  6. Confident in using, analyzing and manipulating quantitative information;
  7. Clear thinkers who can translate ideas into appropriate actions;
  8. Competent IT users;
  9. Informed and responsible citizens;
  10. Positive contributors to a variety of work environments and locations.

Our Aim 

To enhance the learning processes in the faculty of medicine in Alexandria university by introducing a new well tested and globally accepted tool which is E-Learning.


  1. Introduce the e-learning system to the students and faculty.
  2. Give the students a better environment to collaborate and learn.
  3. Give the faculty a better tool to test and assess their students ability of learning.
  4. Solve problems in the current learning environment (huge classes, asynchronous learning, time wasted, etc.).
  5. Give the students the upper edge in information technology.
  • Main ME services:

ME is the E-Learning portal of Faculty of Medicine – Alexandria University. It offers a number of services to the students of the faculty. The most important services include the following:

  1. Online Courses
  2. Digital Library
  3. Uploading and sharing materials
  4. Chatting, forums and messaging
  5. Blogs
  6. Wiki
  • How to register on me?

ME is the E-Learning Portal of the Faculty of Medicine – Alexandria University. All Students and staff members of the faculty have to register on the portal to be able to access the different e-courses.

Click here to download the Quick Start guide.


To be able to register on ME, students must first acquire their faculty E-Mail. Each student has a faculty email address(name@alexmed.edu.eg). These emails are available in the Information technology center and students can claim their user names and passwords from there. Any requests, questions or complaints regarding the e-mails should be addressed to Eng. Remon Gayed in the Information Technology Center.

Last but not least, the Exam Results. The E-Learning Unit is responsible for announcing the Exam Results of all 6 Years of the faculty online. Click here to download the guide on how to get your results.



Be assured that e-Learning is not a silver bullet. Refrain yourself from using e-Learning for every training/learning opportunity. There is a place for e-Learning, but it is not appropriate in every circumstance.

Ashok Malani