CanditatPHD thesesdate of defence
Salwa Sami Abdelmaged Abdelhamid younisLaboratory induced praziquantel resistant Schistosoma mansoni: Proteomic analysis and a trial to overcome the resistance by the use of nanotechnology2018
Fadwa Mostafa Kamel Abdelrazek arafaIn vitro effect of a novel protease inhibitor cocktail on Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites2018
Sara Ahmed Abdelsalam MohamedmostafaDrug repurposing, combination therapy and nanotechnology: a novel multiple approach for effective treatment of experimental schistosomiasis mansoni2020
Nehal Nassef Ismail HezemaEffect of VAM2-2 and VAM2-2 loaded chitosan nanoparticles in treatment of experimental toxoplasmosis.2021
Eman Attia Elmorsy HassanSchistosoma mansoni egg-derived extracellular vesicles: a promising immunizing approach against murine schistosomiasis2021
Hoda Adel Rashed MohamedEffect of alginate nanoparticles on the immunogenicity of excretory secretary antigens in murine toxoplasmosis2021
Hala Elsayed Diab BasiounyNano-encapsulated antioxidants: melatonin and retinoic acid as natural mucosal adjuvants for intranasal immunization against chronic experimental toxoplasmosis2023
Nahla Fouad ElsakhawyAnti-neoplastic activity of Toxoplasma gondii antigen on mcf-7 human breast cancer cell line and ehrlich solid carcinoma model2022