Training in Alexandria University Hospitals is an experience worth recording in details. Each hospital offers an endless scope of opportunities to learn about medical practice in real life. This is all made possible through our experienced staff members, our hard-working residents, our exceptional paramedical team, along with our state-of-the-art equipment. Knowledge and technology come together to provide the best medical service and health care to patients, while trainees benefit from a rich, thorough training program.  It is my great pleasure to finally implement the new House Officer Training Program through this Manual. I believe progress must come through continuous change, and this is what we are always aiming for.

 I must thank all our staff members for their dedication to make this Program work. A special thank you goes to:

Prof. Dr. Maysa Amer  – Professor of Pediatrics & Head of Medical Education Department

Prof. Dr. Tarek Omar  – Professor of Pediatrics & Manager of Healthcare Quality Unit

Prof. Dr. Ashraf El Ghandour – Professor of Internal Medicine

Prof. Dr. Sameh Saad El Din – Professor Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr.Tamer Refaat  – Assistant Lecturer of Clinical Oncology & Radiotherapy

Dr. Nada Nabil  – Resident of Radiodiagnosis

Dr.Rasha Belal – Researcher in Medical Education Department

Their tremendous effort in designing this Book is highly appreciated.

I hope everyone would find this Program fulfilling, and enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed planning it.

Good luck, and all the best.


Prof. Dr. Ashraf Etaby

Director of House Officer Training Program& Supervisor of House Officers Committee