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About Us

Alexandria Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine of Alexandria University was established following the Royal Decree No. 32 pronounced in August 1942 by His Majesty King Farouk the first. Teaching started in the academic year of 1942/1943. The establishment of the Faculty was the culmination of the efforts of many Alexandrian scholars and physicians headed by Mi Ibrahim Pacha (Professor of Surgery, born in Alexandria) and Dr. Mohamed Mahfouz Bey (a famous Alexandrian ophthalmologist and head of the Alexandria Eye Hospital). The pre-clinical teaching took place on the premises of the Abbaseya Secondary Faculty, while the clinical teaching took place in the Municipal (Amireya) Hospital the largest hospital in Alexandria built by Khedeve Ismail in 1876. A new hospital was subsequently established to house all the clinical departments of the Faculty. Four new buildings were also added with four large amphitheatres to house the academic departments.


About 1700 eminent staff members plus a group of assistant staff are working in all the faculty departments>


AFM- Grants Office


Planning of Alexandria Faculty of medicine’ Grant office started on November 2008, and was established on June 2009.


The office is allocated in the Council building of the faculty


The office was established to further mission of the faculty research plan that was designed to reach out for the following objectives:


1. Enhance the position of AFM in medical research among other medical schools in Egypt, Arab World and Africa.

2. Establish national preeminence in areas of research strength in research in the faculty.

3. Provide advanced training in medical research.

Mission and Vision


1. Awareness of young researchers about the importance of fellowship grants in supporting scientific research and experienced researchers about the importance of research project funding.

2. Directing researchers to different national and international funding resources.

3. Promotion of research quality and researcher qualification through making use of relevant funding opportunities.


AFM-Grants Office is the first grants office to be established in all the Egyptian universities and research institutions. Our vision is to promote the research in our Alexandria Faculty of Medicine through three means:

1. Capacity Building of all faculty staff, with special focus on the young researchers

2. Leveraging the research infrastructure in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

3. Support research projects and promote international networking

Staff Members

Prof. Dr/ Seddik Abdelsalam Vice- Dean of Postgraduates affairs and research
Head of the office
Dr/ Rasha Elshinety Lecturer of Anatomy & Embryology
Grants Officers
Tamer Refaat Ass. Lecturer of Oncology & Nuclear Medicine  
Yasmine amr Ass. Lecturer of Clinical Biochemistry  
Rasha Belal Demonstrator of Medical Education
AUF projects committee Dr/ Pacint Moez Ass. Prof. of clinical pathology
DAAD committee
Dr/ Ghada Mourad Ass. Prof. of Histology and cell Biology

Roles and Responsibilities

AFM-Grants Office is the faculty key administrative unit for awards that mediate sponsors interests with our researchers needs.


1. Finding funding opportunities.
2. Dissemination of appropriate and relevant opportunities to the target group through: Helping in proposal writing, review and submission.
– Letters to heads of departments
– E-mails to the target group
– Posters
– Info-days
– Personal and small group meetings
3. Helping in proposal writing, review and submission.
4. Special services are offered like:
– Helping in partners search
– Set Up of workshops in proposal writing

Giving advice about the suitable funding opportunities

Available Grants

Guide for Applicants for Marie Curie IAAP

High Performance computational framework for Image-based certification of Phenotype – University of Keele

Marie Curie Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways support for trainingand career development for researchers

Marie Curie Initial Training Networks support for training and career development of researchers

Marie Curie International Research Staff Exchange Scheme support for training and career development for researchers

Typical Activities of an IAAP

Work Program 2010

Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Japan




DIES*-Partnerships with Higher Education Institutions in Developing Countries

Leibniz – DAAD Research Fellowships


Bourse de Doctorat

German Egyptian Scientific Projects (GESP)

Partnership and Ownership Initiative

Advertisement EU-Scholarships


Notice EU-PHD Scholarships

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