Hadara Hospital for Orthopedics

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About the Hospital


The hospital established in 1886. It was built by the German community and named “Brossia”.

In the wake of World War II, the name of the hospital was changed to “Al Angelossuys Hospital” ,then it changed to ” Princess Fawzia hospital”, and when the University of Farouk the first was established the hospital was purchased in 1948 and named “Nariman hospital” in 1950  after the marriage of King Farouk and Queen Nariman and . after the revolution, it was renamed to “El Hadra hospital” where the capacity was 400 beds.

At the time of the hospital inception, it was containing department of general surgery, urology and internal medicine, and in 1961 was the transfer of all sections to the main university hospital except orthopedic department and the hospital has been operating with less than half capacity and had only the department of orthopedic surgery until in 1975 the department of neurological and psychiatric was transferred to it.

In 1987, the philanthropist have renewed the hospital from the inside completely, increased operating rooms, and furnished them with  modern equipments and with recovery rooms and intensive care unit.

A Section was established for treating paying patients treatment includes twenty beds and it’s an integrated self-contained section
An association of  bone disease friends was held at the hospital to help poor and destitute patients. The hospital includes 3 strips, two for the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and one for the neurological and psychological.

In 1998, an entire wing has been established for the reception and outpatient clinics and emergency operations and establishment of a new section for CT scan , processing of a new wing for operations and building a new section for neurological and psychiatric diseases and a new section for emergency and the hospital power has became 449-bed.