Basic Rules

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  • The Alexandria Faculty of Medicine gives the bachelor of medicine and surgery under the request of the Council of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • The period of studying for getting the bachelor degree is 12 semesters.
  • The study period for getting the bachelor degree in medicine and surgery is divided into 2 phases :


                           1- The first phase:  Pre-Clerckship Phase

                          2- The second phase: Clerckship Phase


Study time (school calendar)

      The school year consists of 2 semesters:

    Autumn ( 1st semester )

  • In pre-clerckship phase: it starts from the third Saturday of September and lasts for 15 weeks.
  • In clerckship phase: it starts in the first week of September and lasts for 20 weeks.

  Spring ( 2nd semester )

  • In preclerckship phase: it starts from the third Saturday of February and lasts for 15 weeks.
  • In clerckship phase: it starts in the half of February and lasts for 20 weeks, except for the 12th semester, it will be 16 weeks only.

General conditions for registration 

  • The applicant must have a certificate of the completion of the secondary school from the Arab Republic of Egypt or an equivalent degree from a scientific institution recognized by the University and of the Supreme Council of Universities.
  • Payment of tuition fees must be on time determined by the faculty.

learning Activities 

  • The learning activities consist of several-pronged strategy to achieve the intended learning outcomes and academic standards in conformity with the national academic reference standards.

First:Theoretical information : 40%-60% of study time

1- Developed lectures

2- Self-learning :

  • E-learning (10%) in the first year and rises gradually to replace lectures
  • Tutorial Group discussion
  • Assignments and Presentations
  • Integrated Learning Activity (ILA)
  • Team Based Learning (TBL)

Second: Practical , Clinical , and Professional skills : 60%-40%

1- Practical Lessons

2- Clinical and Professional skills

  • The student starts practicing on these skills from the first year in a long course that extends throughout the years of education. The practicing takes place in a center of developing clinical skills for the first three years , then ( from the fourth till the sixth year ) in takes place in the different basic clinical departments including the University hospitals , outpatient clinics , emergency departments ,hospitals of the Ministry of Health , Health Insurance and Family Medicine Centers.

Note :

  • A ratio of 60% lectures, 40% practical and clinical or 40% lectures, 60% practical and clinical are determined according to the requirement of the components of the educational unit , taking into account that the ratio of self-education , practical education , and clinical education rises as the student progress through their study years .
  • 60% – 75% of study time is specified for practical and clinical practice in case of special courses, like computing skills, information proficiency and professional development.