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First: The Summative Exams Second: Mid-term and forative Exams
80% of the total mark of the semester or the educational unit is divided into the following:

1. The Written Exams (50% of total):
to be held at the end of the semester. it includes objective questions (multiple choice, extended matching, true, false), short essay questions and problem-solving questions.

2. The practice and clinical exams (20%):
In the form of objective structured practical (OSPE) & clinical exams (OSCE).

3. Assignments, Presentation & oral Exam:
10% (5% assignment & 5 % oral exam)

20% of the total mark of the semester or educational unit

Grade System

  • The current GPA is an average determined by weighting each grade awarded during a one-semester study.
  • Each letter grade is allocated a GPAeg. A: GPA 4       A-: GPA 3.67
  • The grade point = GPA X no of course credit hours

The following table illustrates an example during one semester:

Course Credit Hours Grade Grade Point Quality Point
Title 1  3  A  4  12
Title 2 3 B-  2.7 8.1
Title 3 4 A- 3.7 14.8
Title 4 3 C 2 6
Title 5 2 W 0 0
Title 6 3 F 0 0
18  40.9

Therefore the current GPA = 40.9:18 = 2.272

SGPA = grade point total for all courses of one semester total no of credit hours for all courses in one semester

Assessment of all courses taken throughout study period CGPA = total grade point for all courses completed total no of credit hours taken CGPA must be at least 2 for the degree to be obtained if CGPA less than 2, the student must repeat one or more courses to increase the final CGPA to at least 2

Explanation of the Grades

The following evaluations and grades are sued to determine the GPA, SGPA and CGPA

Grade Evaluation
Letter Percentage GPA












Very Good






C 60-64 2.00 Pass
D 50-59 1.33 Weak
F 0-49 0.00 Failure
Letter Evaluation Explanation
D Weak Credit Awarded – Counted in GPA
F Failure No Credit Awarded – Counted in GPA
I Incomplete No Credit Awarded – Not Counted in GPA
W Withdrawal No Credit Awarded – Not Counted in GPA
WF Withdrawal Failure No Credit Awarded – Not Counted in GPA

Is awarded to candidates absent in the final examination who present an accepted excuse (absent with excuse). The student must sit for the exam by the end of the first 2 weeks of the subsequent semester with the approval of Faculty Council.

Student can withdraw from any course before the withdrawal deadline which is the 10th week of any semester and a grade of “W” for that course will appear on the student’s transcript, excluded from GPA, provided that his attendance exceeds 75% and he has to attend the exam of this course in the following semester. if he doesn’t attend or fails in the exam, he will take a grade of “F”.

Withdrawal Failure
If withdrawal occurs after deadline (10th week), it will be included in CGPA. It is also award to those who are absent during the final examination without excuse or with a non-approved excuse.

Calculating Grades For Repeated Courses

Students must repeat any failed course(s), the grade calculation for the repeated courses is as following:

Reason(s) for repeat Grades Applied
a) Grade D The new grade obtained will be applied (with addition of its credit hrs)
b) Grade F Grade C obtained
  • Course repeat for students with D:

Students must repeat and the new grade obtained will be applied (with addition of its credit hrs)

  • Course repeat for students with F:

A student must repeat a course if he/she scores an “F”. If the student passes the re-sit exam, he will be awarded his/her grade or “C” as a maximum.