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  • A certain percentage ( starts with about 10 % ) is allocated from the lectures into the electronic form ( text , power point presentation) .
  • A link on the internet is determined where the student can look up for medical information in textbooks or multimedia.

Tutorial Classes

  • students are divided into small groups ( 50 students) and they discuss in the educational meeting an identified subject through questions & answers and seminars , the student should have the basic role in leading the discussion .

Integrated Learning Activity(ILA):

  • Students are divided into small groups who attend a meeting that lasts for an hour twice a week with a tutor who is responsible for this activity in the educational unit .

Team Based Learning:

  • This activity can be applied on a group of students up to 50-100 students, in the presence of an instructor.
  • The session starts with giving the students an objective exam (MCQ , T&F , EMQ ) which covers the intended learning outcomes in this section .The exam is answered by the students individually and the answer sheets are collected to be corrected either electronically immediately or later on by the students themselves.
  • Students might be asked for criticizing the questions or determine questions that were not clear and a better suggestion for the form of questions.
  • A part of the educational unit is determined for this activity and the students are directed to reading information about this part in determined resources (references, internet links, and handouts) before the meeting.
  • Then the students are divided into small groups and answer the questions of the exams again together. The instructor asks each team to give its answer for every question and then the instructor gives the correct answer. Each team is asked to give the reasons for its answer and right and wrong answers are discussed between groups with the help of the instructor.

Students Assignments & Presentations

  • This activity was applied in the academic year 2008-2009 and the same image is applied alternately with the previously mentioned activities.

Student Conferences

  • This type of student activities was adopted and shall be applied by 2013/2014.
  • This is a student conference at the end of some modules instead of ILA that is undertaken completely by students who take part in its academic part.
  • The Faculty members of clinical departments concerned shall present the clinical topics related to the academic topics to achieve basic and clinical integration.