Date of Birth 4/1/1910

Served as Dean from 27/9/1960 to 26/9/1964.
– Received a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 1936.
– Received a doctorate degree in surgery in 1947.
– worked as privilege doctor in faculty of medicine , Cairo University in 1937
– Worked as a resident in surgery department, faculty of Medicine, Cairo in 1938
– Worked as a teacher in Surgery department, Faculty of Medicine ,Alexandria in 1947 Then an assistant professor in 1948
– Professor and head of the Department of Urology, 1952.
– And then worked as a vice dean in AlexandriaUniversity for Research and postgraduate affaires from 19/9/1964 to 31/7/1971.
– worked as director of Research and postgraduate StudiesCenter in 1/5/1974.
– He pursued the establishment of sector (d) in building of surgery, till it was nearly finished. And started the construction of the new anatomy section  with law budget
improved the Urology Department , developed   and transferred it from el” hadra” hospital to the main hospital with the increase of the bed’s number and added a new sector to it, created a special operations classroom. Helped departments to complete their equipment, so the Radiology section got 2 units of Matrix radioactive cobalt and complete neurosurgery equipment and got a neurological painter brain
– The drawing and painting department gets its equipments.
– Consolidated scientific relations with Germany and obtained a cooperation agreement with Volkswagen organization to fund research and Pediatric Surgery Department.
– Decided to turn the discussion of the Theses to be in public in order to expand the conversation area , He was concerned in developing the medical education system so he organized 2 stages conference the first stage was in Alexandria and the second one was in CairoHe participated in modifying the drawings of the academic building’s designs in the faculty