Date of Birth: 9 January 1890

The second Dean of the College from 30/8/1945 to 8/1/1950
– worked as professor of biological chemistry at Cairo University till he was asked to work in Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.
– Served as Dean of the College from his presence to the college in 30 August, 1945 for 3 years and then renewed for another term, but he was referred to the pension in January 9, 1950 and has moved after that to work as a nutrition consultant in the World Health Organization.
– He set up four large strips 1, 2, 3 and 4 ,they were a suitable place for seminars and staff meetings.
– Also he set up the second enclave of the college buildings; 4 floors high, it contains the departments of physiology, pathology and histology, which still   exists to this day and operated by the physiology department only.
-The designs and the drawing of the big building has been set for the sections of surgery and internal medicine, which consists of four suites
-He Has been able to purchase the Anglo-Swiss Hospital (El Hadra Hospital).