Date of Birth: 6 June 1902.

Served as Dean of the College from 9/1/1950 to1/7/1952.

-Received a Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery from Cairo University in 1925, obtained a doctor, surgery and obstetrician diploma from Cairo in 1927.

-Diploma in Tropical Medicine from England in 1929, then Diploma in Public Health from Liverpool, England in 1931.
-Received membership from the medical royal colleges in 1935.

-Then he got a partnership from medical Royal Colleges in London in 1936.
-Served as clinical assistant and as privilege doctor in Cairo from 25 January to October 1926.
-He was an “Anklstomo’ doctor in Ministry of Health from 1/10/1926 to 12/7/1927.
-Doctor in the Research centre of the Ministry of Health 13/7/1927 to 1930.
– Assistant professor in Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 7/4/1940.
– Professor in Internal Medicine department in Alexandria 16/12/1943.
– Dean of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine from 9/1/1950 to 1 /7 /1952.
– Appointed as Minister of Health in 1952, In the Ministry of Naguib Helali.
– Passed away in 1978. In his life, he won the State Appreciation Award in science in 1967 and was awarded the first class medal of the Republic in 1970.
– Has divided the internal medicine and surgery to units.