The Department of Microbiology & immunology is located in Six University Hospital buildings: Alexandria Main University Hospital, Al-Moasah campus, El-Shatby pediatric hospital, El-Shatby Maternity Hospital, ElHadara University Hospital, Smouha Specialist Hospital.

The following facilities and equipment are available to support educational, research and diagnostic activities in the infectious diseases, microbiology, and infection control:

  1. Biosafety cabinets to support cultures and mycobacterium tuberculosis work.
  2. BACT/ALERT instrument: an automated blood culture system to support early, rapid and accurate diagnosis of septicemia
  3. Cytospin for preparation of samples for mycobacterial diagnosis.
  4. Real time PCR machine and conventional thermal cyclers involved in molecular biology procedures.
  5. Gel imaging systems.
  6. Microscopes with three viewing heads and digital camera.
  7. Fluorescence microscopes.
  8. ELISA Reader for serology work.
  9. Centrifuges and ultracentrifuges.
  10. Sterilization facilities (autoclaves, hot-air ovens).
  11. Glass-washing facilities.
  12. Computer facilities supported by WHONET for diagnostic laboratory reporting system.

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