Infection Prevention & Control Unit

About the unit

The mission of the Infection Prevention and Control Unit in Alexandria University Hospitals is to support the institution’s mission of patient care; to promote patient safety by reducing the risk of acquiring and transmitting infections; and to be a leader in healthcare epidemiology and infection control.
  • Perform comprehensive surveillance for healthcare-associated infections and epidemiologically significant organisms
  • Identify and investigate clusters or outbreaks of infection
  • Analyze procedure and device-associated infections
  • Create evidence-based interventions to prevent healthcare-associated infections
  • Evaluate methods and technologies to reduce transmission of pathogens within the institution
  • Create and maintain appropriate infection control policies
  • Develop and maintain educational programs regarding infection control for all hospital employees, physicians, and trainees
  • Provide consultation to health care providers in the assessment and management of patients and employees with communicable diseases
  • Provide input for the content and scope of occupational health and safety programs related to infection control and prevention
  • Advise senior leadership on issues related to reduction of infection risks and regulatory requirements
  • Administer ongoing programs and initiatives for continuous quality assessment, quality improvement, and infection risk reduction (e.g. hand hygiene promotion and monitoring

Staff members

  • Prof. Dr. Soad Farid
Staff members
  • Prof. Dr. Amira Amer
  • Prof. Dr. Nashwa Khadr
  • Prof. Dr. Amina NourElDin
  • Prof. Dr. Manal Baddour
  • Dr. Rim Harfoush
  • Dr. Nesrine Hanafy
  • Dr. Noha AboSeeda
  • Dr. Hadir Okasha
  • Dr. Shams Arafa
  • Dr. May Moheb
  • Dr. Marwa Meheissen
  • Dr. Sara Assar
  • Dr. Rola Hashad
  • Dr. Dina Kholeif
  • Dr. Sara AbdelAziz
  • Dr. Nihal Shahtout

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