Molecular Biology & Epidemiology lab

About the lab

The mission of our molecular biology lab is to understand the molecular basis of infectious agents relevant to human disease. The epidemiology on molecular basis is one of the targets of our lab as it gives insight into the ongoing trends in infectious diseases. Our lab aims at serving diagnostic and research purposes in addition to its role in teaching and training.
    The goals of the molecular biology lab are:
    • Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases.
    • Provide all the necessary equipment to undergo molecular genetic testing for research purposes.
    • Provide training for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
    • To prepare graduates with skills and knowledge for good laboratory practices in molecular diagnostics laboratory.

Staff members

  • Prof. Dr. Shwikar Abdel Salam
  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Nesrine Fathi
  • Prof. Dr. Manal Baddour
  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Reem Harfoush
  • Dr. Noha Abo Seada
  • Dr. Hadir Okasha
  • Dr. Shams Arafa
  • Dr. May Moheb
  • Dr. Marwa Meheissen
  • Ass Lecturer Sara Asser
  • Ass Lecturer Rola Hashad

Contact information


  • Research:
      The lab provides the necessary equipment to undergo molecular biology testing for research purposes.
  • Diagnostic:
      Molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • Training and education:
      The lab provides training and technical support for basic techniques in molecular diagnosis.

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