Mycology Lab

About the lab

Mycology laboratory is part of the Medical Microbiology routine laboratory, which is part of the central laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.

Staff members

  • Prof. Dr. Ashraf Megahed
  • Prof. Dr. Suzan Elfiky
  • Ass. Prof. Dr Reem Harfoush
  • Demonstrator: Gehad Mahmoud

Contact information


  • The laboratory provides a service for the diagnosis of fungal infections through the provision of specialist laboratory services.
  • Specimen examination is performed using microscopic analysis and culture techniques. Susceptibility testing of significant yeast isolates is performed for a variety of antifungal agents. Specimens investigated include blood, organ tissue, lower respiratory tract samples, spinal fluids, other sterile-site fluids, wounds and superficial specimens such as hair, skin and nails.
  • The Mycology Laboratory operates on a 6-day service basis (Saturday – Thursday), 9-12 am, and is located within the Medical Microbiology Laboratories, 3rd floor, Academic building, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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