Surveillance Lab

About the lab

The mission of the surveillance lab is the detection of pathogens that have potential to spread. Effective participation of the laboratory in surveillance requires good communication between the epidemiologists and the laboratories.
    • Lab functions
      • Outbreak detection within the laboratory
      • Tracing spread through typing and characterization
      • Detection of carriers and natural foci of infection
      • Determine the end of an outbreak
      • Determine elimination or eradication of disease
    • Key activities
      • Referral investigations
      • Outbreak investigation
      • Development of guidelines
      • Quality assurance program, bio-safety and waste management
      • Training, monitoring, supervision and feedback
      • Antimicrobial resistance monitoring
      • Emergence of unusual isolates
      • Detection of new pathogens

Staff members

  • Prof. Dr. Soad Farid

Contact information


    Laboratory role to monitor endemic disease trends:
    • Confirm diagnosis
    • Case definitions that include laboratory criteria
    • Monitor resistance patterns
    • Monitor subtypes of a pathogen
    Laboratory role during outbreak:
    • Laboratory confirmation of early cases
    • Identification of new pathogens
    • Typing of the pathogen
    • Link clusters when the epidemiological data is not sufficient
    • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing to guide treatment
    • Post-outbreak surveillance
    • Environmental investigations
    • Detection of carriers
    For new and emerging pathogens:
    • Identify the pathogen
    • Develop laboratory tests
    • Patient treatment/management
    Laboratory support for public health surveillance:
    • Identify diseases of public health importance
    • List diseases that require laboratory confirmation
    • Determine tests to be performed
    • Map laboratory facilities and human resources, including reference laboratories
    • Establish laboratory networking
    • Identify a focal person to coordinate laboratory activities
    • Determine information flow
    • Plan quality assurance, biosafety and waste management
    • Supervise and monitor
    • Develop epidemic preparedness and response plans

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