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The Tuberculosis Laboratory provides a wide range of mycobacterial testing. We perform AFB smears and cultures, identification, and mycrobacterial drug susceptibility testing. The mission of Tuberculosis Laboratory is to apply best possible diagnostic services and support research directed towards basic advances in understanding of the pathogenesis of TB, host immunity to TB and mechanisms of spread aiming for more effective drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for tuberculosis

Staff members

  • Prof. Dr. Safaa Abdel Aziz Amer
  • Prof. Dr. Azza Mahmoud El Hefnawy
  • Dr. Hadir Ahmed Okasha
  • Dr. Amira samir baz
  • Dr. Mayada Nabil

Contact information

  • dr_safaa_amer@yahoo.com
  • dr.azzahefnawy@yahoo.com
  • hadir.okasha@alexmed.edu.eg
  • A.samirbaz@gmail.com
  • mayada_gad2000@yahoo.com


Care of patients with tuberculosis starts with a quality assured diagnosis, obtained by growing and identifying Mycobacterium tuberculosis from clinical specimens. Specimens from all body sources (pulmonary, urine, biopsy, aspirates and body fluid) can be submitted for testing.
  1. laboratory services:
    • Detection of mycobacteria:
      • Routine smears are performed by a Ziehl-Neelsen staining method and read on light microscopes. Smear reports are completed within the same day.
    • Isolation of mycobacteria:
      • Mycobacteria could be isolated on request in our labs by conventional solid culture (Löwenstein–Jensen) and rapid automated liquid culture (BacT/ALERT/3D)
    • Susceptibility testing of clinically relevant isolates
      • Drug susceptibility testing is performed using the 1% proportion method.
    • Drug susceptibility testing has three main goals:
      • To facilitate the management of individual patients, particularly if drug resistance is likely To provide data on which to plan drug combinations for treatment To provide a surrogate measure of the relative effectiveness of tuberculosis control programs
  2. Research:
    • Since the effective control of TB is based on the immediate detection of M. Tb, followed by the prompt implementation of adequate anti-tuberculous therapy, the TB lab has interest in the evaluation of the performance and feasibility of new and rapid diagnostic methods and new treatment regimens
  3. Training and education:
    • T.B lab provides training courses and technical support for basic techniques in the laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis. Trainee staff who need experience in identification and susceptibility procedures will be welcome by prior arrangement and subject to local safety guidelines.

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