About the Division

The virology division has an educational role providing updated tutorials and lectures to under- as well as post graduate students including traditional as well as newly evolving viruses, viral life cycles, immunopathogenesis, latest diagnostic techniques as well as recently approved antiviral treatments and vaccines. The virology lab has the potential to diagnose viral infections on both molecular and serological levels. Various research virological studies are being conducted.

Staff members

  • Professor Dr Soad Zaki
  • Professor Dr Awatef Awad
  • Professor Dr Faika Ghonem
  • Professor Dr Nadia Mokhless
  • Professor Dr Soad Farid
  • Professor Dr Malak Abou khatwa
  • Professor Dr Amira Amer
  • Professor Dr Nashwa Abou khadr
  • Professor Dr Manal Baddour
  • Assistant Professor Dr Nesrine Fathy
  • Lecturer Dr May Mohebeldin
  • Assistant lecturer Dr Sara Asser
  • Contact information

    Department of Microbiology and Immunology
    Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria Street
    Phone: 03-4861526


    General virology
    1. General features of viruses
    2. Classification of viruses
    3. Viral replication
    4. Bacteriophage
    5. Host response to viral infections
    6. Interferon
    7. Antiviral chemotherapy
    8. Viral vaccines
    9. Laboratory diagnosis of virus infections
    Systematic virology
    1. DNA viruses
      • Parvoviruses
      • Polyomaviruses
      • Papillomaviruses
      • Adenoviruses
      • Pox viruses
      • Herpesviruses
    2. Hepatitis viruses
    3. RNA viruses
      • Picornaviruses
      • Reoviruses (rotavirus)
      • Toga viruses (Rubella)
      • Arbo viruses (Toga, flavi, Bunya)
      • Roboviruses (Arena, Bunya, filo)
      • Orthomyxoviruses
      • Coronaviruses
      • Paramyxoviruses
      • Rhabdoviruses
      • Slow viral infections
      • Retroviruses (HIV/AIDS)
      • Viruses and human cancer.
    Curriculum of Master Degree in Medical Microbiology and Immunology
    1. Medical Virology (General & Systematic)
    2. Viral Pathogenesis and Infection
    Curriculum of Doctorate Degree in Medical Microbiology and Immunology
    1. Advanced Course on Pathogenesis of Viral Infections and Antiviral Drugs
    2. Advanced Course in Systematic Virology

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