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Basic Nanotechnology for Health Professions

Scientific Program

Wednesday 4 April  2018
Registration for first day 8:30- 9 am
Lecture 1:    Introduction to Nanotechnology

Dr. Samar El Achy, Lecturer of Pathology

Executive Manager Medical Nanotechnology Lab , CERRMA

9:30 – 10:30
Lecture 2:    Preparation and Characterization of inorganic Nanoparticles.

Mohammed Fouad El Kadi

Permanent Researcher , Medical Nanotechnology Lab , CERRMA

10:30 – 11
Lecture 3:    Nanotechnology in Parasitology, scope and applications .

Dr. Rasha Madi , Assistant Professor of Parasitology, AFM

11- 11:30
Lecture 4:   Nanotoxicity: an emerging concern in Nanotechnology.

Dr. Doaa Abdelmonsif, Asst. Prof. Medical Biochemistry, Researcher Nanotechnology Lab–CERRMA ,  AFM.

Coffee break 12:30-1
– Hands on training for preparation of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with different coatings

– Cell treatment with the prepared nanoparticles (HeLa Cell cultures)


Practical Session


Thursday 5 April  2018
Registration for second day 8:30 – 9 am
Lecture 1:    Nanotechnology in Fighting Cancer; Principals, Applications and different Carriers

Mostafa T Mabrouk , Researcher Medical Nanotechnology Lab, CERRMA

9 – 10
Lecture 2:     Application Nanotechnology and ELISA techniques for Diagnosis of Experimental Toxoplasmosis

Dr. Maha Gomaa ; Lecturer Parasitology, AFM

10- 11
Lecture 3: Visualization of Nanoparticles

Dr. Samar El Achy, Lecturer of Pathology

Executive Manager Medical Nanotechnology Lab , CERRMA

11 – 12
Coffee break 12- 12:30 am
–          Light microscope visualization of iron oxide  NPs inside the HeLa cells

–          Fluorescent microscopic visualization of FITC coated NP inside the HeLa cells

–          Tracing fluorescent NPs by confocal laser scanning microscope

12:30 – 3

Practical session


Workshop evaluation questionnaire


3 – 3:15
Registration fees for lectures   : 200 L.E   (unlimited)

Registration fees for lectures & hands on training  (10 places)  600 L.E.

Lectures & hands on training   will be certified as equivalent to 6 CME credit hs.

Dead line for registration: 31/3/2018

Contact for registration:

CERRMA : Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, Azarita, Academic building, 3rd floor

Head of CERRMA: 01006633742

CERRMA Secretariat: 01207116457





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Types of Water Used in the laboratory

footer                                                                                                                                   جامعه الأسكندرية

يتشرف مركز الأبحاث الطبية

كلية طب الاسكندرية


بتوجيه الدعوة العامة للمشاركة فى المحاضرة


“Types of Water Used in the laboratory “

و تلقيها

د/ دورين نزيه

مدرس الباثولوجيا الاكلينيكية

عضو الفريق البحثى بمعمل أبحاث البروتيوم  

مركز الأبحاث الطبية



يوم الأحد 19 نوفمبر 2017 – الساعة 11 صباحا

­­بمدرج (1) – الدور الثانى بالمبنى الأكاديمى







ا.د/ غادة محمد مراد فؤاد

قائم بأعمال مركز الأبحاث الطبية

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