The five year research plan of AFM is designed to reach out for the following objectives:

1- Enhance the position of AFM in medical research among other medical schools in Egypt, Arab World and Africa.

2- Establish national preeminence in areas of research strength in research in the faculty.

3- Provide advanced training in medical research.

Intended Outcomes:

To fulfill these objectives the faculty has set the following outcomes to be achieved within the next five years:

I.   Departmental research plans in alignment within that of the faculty.

II. A database for the various aspects of research resources and activities at AFM.

III. Priorities of research fields that fulfill the following requirements:

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– The research plan of the University of Alexandria


– The mission and vision of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine.


– The needs of the community at local, national and regional levels.


– The interests and specialties of staff members at AFM.


– The research resources at AFM.


– The funds available from scientific and health organizations with mutual interests.


– The updates and developments in science and medicine.


The research priorities are:


1. Liver Diseases: The liver pathology and various agents that might affect it constitute a widespread health issue in Egypt, particularly hepatitis C virus and Bilharziasis.


2. Oncology: Basic as well as clinical research in the field of oncology is essential in view of the importance of the problem and the availability of national and international funding sources.


3. Endemic and Parasitic DiseasesThe epidemiology, health effects, treatment and eradication of parasitic diseases remain a national health issue implying continuous research. The WHO in particular is ready to grant research projects in this field.


4. Clinical TrialsThe faculty has established a clinical trials center in collaboration with the University of Maryland. Staff members are encouraged to initiate clinical trials or join national and international groups conducting phase III or post-marketing clinical trials.


5. Alternative MedicineThe faculty is encouraging researchers’ staff members to conduct collaborative research work in that field including the issue of herbal medicine in supplementation, prophylaxis and therapy.


6. Molecular Genetics and Gene TherapyThe faculty has established a molecular genetics lab with the objective to implement research in biotechnology. In addition to the available facilities, international donors are interested to fund researches in this area, particularly the CORDIS project of the EU.


7. Regenerative medicine and Stem Cell Therapy: AFM is catching up with the research in the area of tissue culture and application of the concept of stem therapy in medicine. The faculty is planning for establishment of a tissue culture and stem cells unit and therefore staff members are encouraged to acquire the necessary scientific, technical and practical qualifications in this field.


8. Medical Nanotechnology: In view of incorporation in updated scientific developments, staff members are initiated to tackle the field of nanotechnology and its applications in medicine.


IV. Professional development of research skills for under- and postgraduate students.


V. Eminent staff member researchers at the national and international scientific research societies.