Surgical Oncology Postgraduate Course

Alexandria University Surgical Oncology Unit offers a post graduate course in Surgical Oncology. Canditates are exposed to a large volume of complex surgical problems and are involved in the initial evaluation of new patients, treatment planning including multidisciplinary approaches, design of the surgical approach, and postoperative and long-term follow-up care.

This clinical experience, combined with numerous opportunities for research, provides post graduated candidates with a rich experience that prepares them to establish successful surgical oncology Careered.


Educational Conference and Courses

Candidates are attening bi-weekly conferences including:

  • Mortality and morbidity conference
  • Surgical department grand rounds
  • Multidisciplinary planning conferences (breast, sarcoma, endocrine, colorectal)

How to Apply

Applications Surgical Oncology Post graduate Course will be made through on line application form to be filled before 1st of january each year. Completed applications will be reviewed and candidates will be selected for interviews and notified in early March. The following documents should also be included with the application:

  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Personal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Medical school certificate
  • First two semesters scores
  • Recent photograph

Learning objectives are based upon post-graduate level

  1. To expand the fund of knowledge from textbooks, journals, and electronic media.
  2. To evaluate the literature based upon methodology and statistical techniques, a survey of related articles, and resident- initiated discussions with attending staff and other experts.
  3. To participate in scheduled multidisciplinary conferences.
  4. To Be able fully evaluate, communicate findings, and plan diagnostic and treatment with supervising faculty for patients with malignancies


  1. At the end of the course the candidate should have acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to function as an independent surgical oncologist.



  • Personal study including effective use of medical literature, tutorials, post graduate teaching • Journal Club • Seminar( presentations) • Lecture/ discussion: lectures on newer topics by faculty, in place of seminar/as per need • Case presentation/Discussion: Trainees will present a clinical case for discussion before a faculty and discussion made pertaining to its management and decision to be recorded in case files. b) Clinical skills and attitudes by • Demonstration of examination skills in normal subjects & patients by trainer -5- • Presenting history, demonstrating clinical findings & use of investigations on ward rounds or tutorial sessions • Presenting cases for group discussion – grand rounds, PG meetings etc, personal study including the effective use of medical literature, review of paper or electronically based problem cases • Observation of consultant trainers managing clinical problems in day to day practice • Observation of consultant trainer communicating with patients and members of team in day to day practice • Clinical teaching: In OPD, ward rounds, emergency, ICU and operation theater • Bedside clinical training for patient care management and for bedside manners • Grand ward rounds • Multi-disciplinary seminars • Interdepartmental Meeting: It is strongly recommended once a week especially with dept. of Radiodiagnosis, Dept of Pathology and Dept. of Microbiology.

THESIS Guidelines

The Basic aim of requiring the candidates to write a thesis is to familiarize him/her with research methodology. The members of the faculty guiding the thesis work for the candidate shall ensure that the subject matter selected for the thesis is feasible, economical and original. The number of clinical cases to be included in the dissertation may be limited. No number is therefore, prescribed and it will vary from topic to topic. The objective of the study should be limited and well defined.


Written Exam: The written exam comprise of MCQs & Short assays, maximum marks 60

Candidate who have qualified the written exam are permitted to take up the practical exam

Candidate must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the written Examination to qualify for the Practical exam

There are a maximum of three written attempts that can be availed by a candidate for Practical Exam

Absentation from written or Practical Exam is counted as an attempt

LOG BOOK:  A candidate shall maintain a log book of operations (assisted / performed) during the training period, certified by the concerned post graduate teacher / Head of the department / senior consultant.

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