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You have multiple career options but the most important thing is:

  • To set your goals and how you imagine your future career as physician
  • Your cumulative grade is important but should not be your ultimate goal from studying medicine and should not define you career options.
  • مش مهم تطلع الاول او الاخير المهم تبقي مميز في شغلك
  •  Assess your own personal/ academic strengths and weakness before choosing your career options
  • قبل متختار التخصص لازم تعرف نقاط قوتك وضعفك وازاي هتاثر علي اختياراتك q2

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Check this video to understand the process of selection

: شرح طريقة اختيار النيابات 2010 -كلية طب الاسكندرية


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