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    Wings of Fire middle grade series combines action and adventure, with a storyline focusing on a prophecy. Wings Of Fire T-shirts tells the tale of seven different dragon tribes – SandWings. MudWings. SkyWings. SeaWings. IceWings. RainWings. NightWings.


    The wings of fire plush fabric is made with a high-quality, poly-cotton blend. The fabric feels soft and thick to the touch. This is an excellent choice for your next cuddly project! Wings Of Fire Hoodies ‘s also flexible, making it easier to sew. It is durable and can withstand any wear and tear. You may want to choose a fabric with a greater thickness or durability if your project is going to be exposed to children and pets. This fabric can be purchased at a fraction compared to other fabrics.


    They are breathtakingly beautiful wings of fire Dragon plush. They are beautifully designed and extremely detailed. There are many cool details, including spikes, horns and other details that will make your wings made of fire dragon plush really unique. Wings of fire merchandise includes T-shirts, stickers, wall artwork, and other gifts. All items are created by independent artists. They are a great gift idea for fans of wings of fire, and also help support the creative process. Get one today. You will be grateful that you did.