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    In order to contribute to the universalization of digital financial services to all Vietnamese people, up to now, Minh Long Finance is continuing to develop into a comprehensive, sustainable digital financial system.

    To do this, Minh Lengthy Finance’s leadership crew exceeding a decade of experience from the fields of Technological innovation,Banking and Finance, and so on. has constantly proactively evaluated, anticipated, continuously and judged positive with strategies and business strategies perfect to all of developments in the epidemic, which includes yet not restricted to the following procedures:

    1. Ensuring team basic safety, dependable operations and repair supply

    Soon after greater than a year of improvising using the Covid-19 pandemic, Minh Extended Finance’s control team rapidly and quickly assessed the pandemic condition and implemented far off working (WFH) with all of employees. early on if the pandemic reveals signs of coming back. This ensures that the company generally has sufficient human being resources to operate and provide services to consumers.

    Whether working remotely or in your house, Minh Long Finance’s personnel continue to makes sure that fiscal services provided to clients and traders are stable 24/7 depending on a modern day digital system.

    2. Transparent expense rate of interest, making sure environmentally friendly growth

    Minh Long Finance generally is focused on organization to users, society and community. As this is the decisive aspect to the lasting growth of the company.

    Bank loan interest rates and interest prices for purchase collaboration by means of Minh Long Finance will almost always be transparent, the lowest on the market. Using a neighborhood-oriented goal, Minh Long Finance always reveals, links, and is constantly user-focused for lasting development via functional gratitude applications.

    Always maintain abreast of market, economic and social innovations. Regularlyassess and prevent, and rapidly deploy flexible organization strategies and plans in step with actuality. Minh Very long Finance’s crew is committed to providing users and customers having a comprehensive, safe and stable and sustainable digital financial method – even in the Covid-19 pandemic and also the express of ” new normal” in in the future steps.

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