Even the”36V a hundred AH” lithium-ion Batteries from”JBBattery” are exceptionally well known worldwide because of their high performance and unmatched durability. They truly are totally portable and will be employed with almost any vehicle that’s designed with a cigarette lighter port. This can make them well suited for men and women who travel extended distances together with their digital devices and lighters. Even the” 36v 100ah lithium ion battery” Lithium Ion batteries provide many benefits over ni cad and NiMH type batteries. These advantages include:

Deepest cycle software

Given that the” 36v 100ah lithiumion battery” gives so many heavy cycle software, it is acceptable for a vast variety of applications including; general Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs for the automotive business, GPS devices, hobbyists’ devices, individual electronic equipment, cellular phone applicationsand radio equipment, ship accessories, and electrical and information tools, power tools and industrial tools. Generally speaking, the”36v 100ah lithium ion battery” comes in all configurations proper for deep cycle software. Each of the models within this series is made by excellent manufacturers like LG, Toyota and Samsung.

Reputable and Long Lasting

The” 36v 100ah lithiumion battery” out of JBBattery has received excellent reviews from owners globally for the longevity and reliability. It’s been claimed these batteries may move up on ten whole charge cycles before the battery package starts to show signs of disuse. They are said in order to hold the complete charge for an hour and a half an hour, or two hours and fifty minutes before needing recharging. For heavy users that this may signify a saving of up to sixty percent of what it would cost to acquire replacement batteries that are new. That is particularly vital for those that use their laptops or handheld electronic devices for small business programs, that will need to be always on the go and could well not need backup batteries available on coming.


Much like most lithium ion ion battery products, the price of this product is comparative to the magnitude of batterypowered. A fortyeight volt model is priced at approximately a hundred dollars. However, this amount is not set in rock. It is contingent on the version range, brand name and burden of the battery life. It needs to be mentioned this type of battery can be utilized for all sorts of freezer software plus that charges will vary accordingly.


Although not indestructible, such a battery is designed to deal with the stringent requirements put on it throughout regular use. Manufacturers count on a two or three year life span out of a heavy cycle lithium ion ion battery. As with all batteries, they are at the mercy of damage from excessive temperatures, influence, release , chemical imbalance, discharging and charging.


These batteries are proper for deep cycle applications. As their title suggests, they can be recharged. This rechargeability offers them both more accessibility and durability compared to batteries. Furthermore, since they can be easily put into or removed from the charging platform, they are also able to be used on camping trips and elongated holidays.

Noise complimentary

Because this type of battery is intended to deal with each one of the bodily stresses put on it during deep cycle applications, it is considered a quiet, higher performance battery. This means it won’t be rumbling, creaking, boistering, noisy or leaving any annoying sounds as it is in usage. Although the battery is significantly bigger than several other kinds of deep cycle batteries, then it comprises sixty percent less cells. Thus, the battery includes two times the ability of a standard deep cycle application. Due to the simple fact that the batteries will not be destroyed from affect, it gets these lithium ion ion batteries a much safer choice for the home.

Last Thoughts

The 36v 100ah lithium ion ion battery is ideal for usage within a broad selection of applications. It is also one of the most useful choices for consumers. Additionally, there certainly are a range of sites from which you’ll be able to acquire full data of reliable suppliers. Together with this being created from lithium cells, so it’s wholly safe and sound for home use and also in business uses. Besides the lengthy shelf life span, it is likewise simple to discover , affordable and extremely reliable. The 36v100ah lithium ion ion battery may handle each of the job you need it to complete to get certain to make the maximum out of your freezer batteries.


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