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Indonesian Native Android Apps

Android smartphone is a mobile phone device that is a favorite among its competitors, namely Windows Mobile and iPhone, all of which cannot be separated from world smartphone manufacturers for Jatapp who produce their smartphones using the Android operating system, say Samsung, Sony and HTC. The popularity of Android is now being used by mobile app developers who are competing to create the best Android applications. Indonesia does not want to be left behind, many young Indonesians make android applications with their own creativity, say applications such as Komutta, Indonesian Culinary Toresto and many others.

Android Application Development in Indonesia

The development of Android applications in Indonesia is very fast, Android itself was only introduced in 2017 and in its 5th year, there have been a lot of Android Apps Developmentin Indonesia. Android Apps Development in Indonesia is very creative and makes a lot of applications with new innovations, the category of applications that are mostly made by Apps Development Indonesia such as Citizenship and Games.

Amikom Game Development (AGD) is an android application developer community consisting of IT college students in Yogyakarta (STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta), they are a collection of creative young people who participate in developing an app in the form of games. So far AGD has created several games that you can download on the Google Play Store, such as Panjat Pinang games, Escape Galaxy, Snakes and Ladders, and many others.

Besides Amikom Game Development (AGD), GITS Indonesia is also one of the well-known android application developers, in contrast to AGD which is a community of students who love and create android games, GITS Indonesia is a professional software application development company that focuses on android applications but they can help create mobile applications with Symbian OS, Blackberry OS and iOS. GITS Indonesia was active in the IT world in 2010. One of the works made by GITS Indonesia is the Language Dictionary Application, which is an English-Indonesian translator application.

With the continued development of information technology, especially in the smartphone world, opportunities for Mobile Apps Developers are increasingly open, and one of the smartphone operating systems that is currently popular is Android, this opportunity is also being used by android application development companies in Indonesia.

Clothing Online Business Tips
Starting an Online Business

to start an online business is actually difficult and easy, if we look on the internet now there are lots of good online stores that sell clothes, electronic goods, gadgets, and many others. To start an online business you must know some tips that can later be applied in your online shop, actually how to create an online business I have explained in the article entitled ” Learning Online Business ” and here I will add some tips for running an online clothing business.

Why did I choose clothes? Clothing is a business that even novice businessmen can run, because it does not require large capital. We can take the clothes that we will sell from SME products and traditional markets and it is better if we have our own production and then go online to it company. In contrast to doing business online, Gadgets and other electronic goods, it takes big capital to start an online business . For those of you who want to start an online clothing business, here are some tips.

6 Tips for an Online Clothing Business

Determine the right market segmentation, by determining the market segmentation for our products, we know how much the clothes we sell are priced at and how the clothes are modeled.
Pay attention to the current fashion trends, fashion trends are always changing all the time, the weakness in the clothing business is that we are required to always update existing fashion trends, fashion trend turnover can be up to 3 months and even once a month.
Good service, in an online shop, even though we don’t meet directly with buyers, but services in the form of questions in chat to our dedicated team, sms, and telephone must be answered quickly and friendly because managing consumers is not an easy thing.
Use an attractive online shop page display, the main page of the online shop website as the face of your business, make it as attractive as possible and not look messy, if the appearance alone is confusing it will make your prospective buyers leave.
Give a promo or discount, it will indirectly attract your potential buyers, the pricing mix is ​​an effective strategy that is still widely used by big clothing businessmen.
Make a target and evaluate it every month, this will help you in designing a strategy that you will do in the following month.

Some of the online clothing business tips above you can apply in your business and hopefully provide something positive. If you think the tips above are useful, please share them with others so that they can provide more benefits for many people.


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