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Brother David Steindl-Rast says ג€œWe go through life in a daze. A power failure makes us aware of what a gift electricity is, a sprained ankle lets us appreciate walking as a gift, a sleepless night, sleep. How much we are missing in life by noticing gifts only when we are suddenly deprived of them!ג€

To get you thinking about what youג€™re grateful for, here are a few ideas taken from my own gratitude journal. Cozy shelter in the storm. My health. Skagit Valley raspberries. My husband. Fragrant lilacs. Driving with the convertible top down. Hummingbirds. Books. Work I love. Toddlers. Samish Island. Feeling peaceful. (Wow, just listing these makes me feel great! I could go on for pages ג€” and I wonג€™t.) Complete Family Care Pathology

What you are grateful for will differ from me. The gifts and the abundance in each of our lives are so vast that the possibilities are limitless.

In Your Life

To begin playing with the practice of gratitude, here are two suggestions.

1) Start with a big infusion of gratitude. Take 5 or 10 or even 30 minutes right now. Write as many things as you can think of for which you are grateful. Notice how writing this list changes your energy.

2) Choose a daily practice (see ג€˜A Gratitude Practiceג€™ above) and play with it for two weeks. Notice how this practice affects you. See if this is a practice youג€™d like to continue or if youג€™d like to try another one.

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