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    Artificial quartz agglomerate merged functionality and looks.

    Stories of incredible accomplishment and immense popularity occasionally start off with a new undertaking. So, in 1987, a young but very ambitious company, CaesarStone, launched the first production line for the production of quartz agglomerate. Because until that moment no one had combined ultra-strong quartz chips with plastic polyester resins and colored pigments, it was a kind of experiment. The result was remarkable!

    Artificial quartz agglomerate mixed usefulness and appearance. Simultaneously, the material is quite reachable as well as simple to procedure. However the performance and appearance have reached the highest level!

    The resulting materials began to be make an effort to employed for interior decor. Artificial sintered quartzite was a lot more sensible than all-natural gemstone or wood, along with other supplies that have been applied during those times. First, of all, it is incredible resistance to the environment – CaesarStone quartz agglomerate is immune to moisture, steam, mechanical stress, dirt, and sudden changes in temperature. These parameters create the materials well suited for the production of home interiors or home furniture for washrooms. In addition, the commercial segment also was able to appreciate this kind of attributes of CaesarStone as hygiene, energy, abrasion opposition, comfort of cleaning, durability.

    Man-made composite is becoming considerably more inexpensive than its natural “buddy”, and simultaneously, has proved to be a a lot less capricious substance than marble, wooden or granite. Natural stone is a durable, but rough and cold material; in this respect, quartz agglomerate has proven itself to be the best – it is smooth and silky to the touch, always keeps room temperature and is more pliable.

    Along with its usefulness, man-made sintered quartzite has a truly magnificent visual appeal. A adjustable palette of textures and colors, by far the most amazing habits and styles copying normal “gemstone” colours and developed by a individual wizard – any interior concept has the ability to be understood!

    For more than thirty years of experience in this field, the manufacturer has managed to achieve impressive results – CaesarStone is not just the pioneer of quartz agglomerate, but also the creator of a perfect material, an industry leader who thoroughly knows all the nuances of working with composite materials. CaesarStone is actually a imagine comfort and coziness, embodied in reality!

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