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    Novel – Let Me Game in Peace – Let Me Game in Peace

    Chapter 1075 – True Terror Grade bone brawny

    “I haven’t observed the ideal licensed contractor. I never intend on taking activity.” The female actually denied the physique again.

    “As a Guardian, you must know your vision,” the shape mentioned since it looked down on the log on the Hall of Superior Harmony.

    Of course, only the Terror level could defeat the Terror quality. Zhong Ziya and Primordial Sword Immortal acquired yet to contact the Terror level.

    “Keep it for your self,” the girl mocked.

    Zhou Wen suspected that soon after getting the Terror quality, Banana Fairy should slowly elevate her statistics like humans. As for the restriction of the Terror grade, Zhou Wen wasn’t absolutely sure.

    “I’m much more intrigued to find out how formidable the Terror standard is.” Zhong Ziya slowly dragged out Primordial Immortal Sword.

    Zhou Wen thought so it got something related to her Wheel of Destiny, but he couldn’t be sure.

    Immediately after keeping Wei Ge, Zhou Wen experienced originally planned on punis.h.i.+ng Shen Yuchi, but Wei Ge sure him if not.

    “As a Guardian, you ought to know your mission,” the number claimed simply because it checked down on the sign in the Hallway of Supreme Peace.

    Because he was pondering over it, he spotted the cube light up once more. Another Guardian possessed challenged Ya. Nevertheless, the identity that questioned Ya on this occasion manufactured Zhou Wen’s students involuntarily plan.

    Everytime Zhou Wen made a comparability, he believed that Banana Fairy was much stronger. Regular Mythical and Terror-class beings couldn’t compare.

    Power: 82


    Night-time Thearch moved into the cube’s industry and stood in midair since he stared at Zhong Ziya and mentioned, “I don’t wish to get rid of you, and that means you should acknowledge defeat your own self.”

    Zhou Wen guessed so it possessed something related to her Tire of Fate, but he couldn’t ensure.

    “After you go back to the sizing, it is possible to take over a region.” There was clearly no alternation in the figure’s sound.

    Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

    Nevertheless, prior to going back to World, Zhou Wen still want to attain more petals in the Tree of Immortality.

    “Ten.” The body stayed emotionless.

    Daily life Soul: Fairy from the Wind

    Banana Fairy: Terror (Evolvable)

    Expertise Talent: Superior Yin Blowing wind, Superior Yang Breeze, Immeasurable Force of the wind.

    According to the earlier expectations, the restrict should be twice the preceding stage, but it was only speculation.

    Moreover, she was totally different from Demonic Neonate. Demonic Neonate was still within the Mythical phase, but she had the cabability to improve to a Terror form. Zhou Wen originally thought that the Terror class was only a point out of your Mythical stage.

    Natural talent Skill: Supreme Yin Force of the wind, Supreme Yang Wind, Immeasurable Wind flow.

    According to the former principles, the restrict ought to be double the amount earlier level, but this has been only speculation.

    With Wei Ge’s words and phrases, Zhou Wen didn’t seek trouble with Shen Yuchi again. He obtained the Great Might Vajra Bull to consider Wei Ge back in the s.p.a.cecraft as he remained about the Moon.

    However, from the appearances than it, across the Mythical phase was the Terror quality, really not a declare. Banana Fairy was actually a genuine Terror standard. Demonic Neonate hadn’t truly reached the Terror grade, but for whatever reason, she obtained the ability to enhance towards a Terror type.

    In accordance with the past principles, the limit should be twice the former level, but it was only supposition.

    “My intention has extended finished. Do not you already have a fresh Guardian? Why are you continue to interested in me?” The lady inside the sign snorted coldly.

    Associate Type: Fanatic

    Zhong Ziya quickly approved the task, helping to make Zhou Wen a lot more nervous. From your seems from it, Zhong Ziya probably didn’t are conscious of Nights Thearch’s lifestyle.

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    Zhong Ziya quickly recognised the task, making Zhou Wen more anxious. Coming from the seems of this, Zhong Ziya very likely didn’t are conscious of Evening Thearch’s living.

    Nonetheless, from the appears to be of this, higher than the Mythical level was the Terror grade, not just a condition. Banana Fairy was actually a true Terror level. Demonic Neonate hadn’t truly arrived at the Terror grade, but for whatever reason, she had the cabability to enhance in to a Terror form.