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Word of the Dean

Welcome to the International Program of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

My dear students,

It is my pleasure to welcome you in the beginning of the first academic year in your great Faculty “Alexandria Faculty of Medicine”. I am glad that you chose this faculty as a beginning of your mission in life, as medicine is not just a career from which one earns his living, but it is also a mission in which the science combines with the exalted human feelings that is not appreciated with money.

I am also glad that you chose the “Alexandria Faculty of Medicine” for your study, as you must have heard that the medicine school in Ancient Alexandria was the first medicine school in the world, in which medicine was practiced on a pure scientific base free from any superstitions or non-scientific practices.

Thus you are privileged than many students of other faculties of medicine for carrying a deep-rooted heritage of the old medicine.

When the new scientific renaissance started in Egypt in the beginning of the twentieth century your faculty was the second ancient faculty of medicine, however that doesn’t mean that it is less valued, as the graduated doctors of the “Alexandria Faculty of Medicine” have and still own the remarkable positions in the field of medical practicing, medical education and medical scientific research in different places in the world.

So you are welcome in your great faculty, with my best wishes for success in your sacred mission.

         Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Osman
             Dean of Faculty of Medicine

Word of V.D for Education and Student Affairs

Our dear students,
Finally your dreams of joining the medical team came true; a precious wish tha always crossed your mind in your former study years and now it’s accomplished by faith in god and hard working. But is this the end of the road? On the contrary, it is just the first step for a long way of hard work in the field of scientific preparation, in addition to the practice of all the activities and the abilities development, in order to achieve the ideal doctor that we are waiting for after six years. We have various activities like scientific, cultural, social, charity work, religious, sports, art, etc. All of these activities are supported by the university and the administration of the faculty, both financially and morally. All doors are open and we have strong hopes for you to be the pillars of the development that the administration of the faculty does all the possible effort to reach according to the scientific standards.

Our dear students,

The participation, positivity and self expression through the legal activities of the faculty are the ideal path to the doctor of the future to whom we are all looking for. In addition, the scientific effort, the hard work, and the pursuing of the new developments in medicine are also required to be a good doctor in the future.

Therefore, you should take the opportunities for being the doctors of the future and stick to the morals that would make you scientific and moral pioneers.

Again, you are welcome in your Alexandria Medical School, with my best wishes of success

              Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hesham
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Word of Program Director

 hala maklad

My dear students;

It is my pleasures to welcome you in the beginning of the first academic year in your great faculty” Alexandria Faculty of Medicine”. You left you countries and families intending to learn and to be a good doctor. I am glad to chose Alexandria Faculty of Medicine for your medical study and to bring your dreams true.

You must remember that to be a good doctor, scientific efforts and hard work are required since the first day of your study and along the whole 6 years.

A positive participation and self expression through different activities of the faculty like scientific, cultural, social, religious, and charity work are also needed for the ideal doctor.

All doors will be open in front of you all times. All staff members will be your mothers and fathers that you can ask their help and advice at any time. And I expect from you to be good sons and daughters who we are proud of.

Therefore, you should take the opportunities for being the doctors of the future

and stick to the morals that would make you scientific and moral pioneers.

Again, you are welcome in your new home” Alexandria Medical school”    with my best wishes of success.

   Professor Hala Maklad

Executive manager of IUMP

Faculty of Medicine – The Past and the Present

Since more than 23 centuries Ptolemy constructed Alexandria medical school and provided it with best scientists of Heliopolis temple and school and also Memphis medical library. So, it was a pride for graduates of Alexandria school that they are belonging to it.

This school had the leadership in human anatomy by the Alexandrian physician Herophilus, while the other schools were practicing anatomy on pigs and monkeys.

The roman physician Celsus has admitted by the role of school of Alexandria in anatomy and the excellence of scientists like Herophilus and Arastratus that lead to evolution of surgical science in Alexandria and transfer it to Rome.

The roman Medicine took Medical specialty from the old Egyptian Medicine; even Herodote said “medicine is divided between them that each physician deals with one disease only.

The medical school of Alexandria had the leadership in the medical field either in diagnosis of diseases or its treatment or in knowing its causes and symptoms. This made the school of Alexandria to be mentioned in the old poetry as Homer said “men in Egypt are more skilled in medicine than any other human race, and it had physician that are better than the others with their knowledge”.

Herodote also said that studying of any foreign physician in Egypt is considered as a passport for his success.

Administration of IUMP

Under construction

Board of th IUMP

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Admission Policy

1. The international undergraduate medical program of AFM is available for foreign students (carrying a foreign nationality) who have obtained their High school certificate from outside Egypt.

2. Students are nominated for admission to the faculty according to the general admission requirements of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education and their Embassy.

3. Students must hold a certificate equivalent to the Egyptian High School Certificate accepted by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. For example:

  • British certificate: At least 8 IGCSE/GCSE subjects O levels + additional two AS or two AL

4. Acceptance will be according to grades attained and places available at Alexandria University.

5. The certificate should be stamped from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the relevant country.

6. The student should then apply at the Office for foreign students in the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

7. To be accepted in the school of Medicine, he/ she should have completed the following courses:

  • Biology  ( A level)
  • Chemistry including organic chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • English
  • 2 AS level: one at least biology and the second one of chemistry, physics, mathematics )


8. Tuition fees: 8000 dollars per academic year All tuition fees are payable in full, for the academic year to which they relate, on registration.  

Academic Requirements

Download (PDF, 316KB)

The academic requirements:

  1. You must have mot less than 3.00 in biology, chemistry and physics.
  2. English is the language of teaching in this program, so, those who are not fulfilling this criterion will be admitted to an English course which may take from 4-8 months.
  3. As our faculty follows the credit hour system, so basically the system involves twelve (12) semesters as mentioned previously but for those who are not fulfilling requirement (B)  the system will involve thirteen (13) semesters in which the first three semesters involve English courses.


Documents needed for the registration:

  1. Copy from the high school certificate
  2. Copy from your certificates with each subject grades


Conditions of the registrations:

  1. verification by our faculty of the above documents (a &b)
  2. If the required documents found satisfactory a letter will be issued from our faculty confirming our approval.
  3. As soon as you receive our letter; you will submit the same documents to the foreign student affairs in order to obtain their approval on your registration/enrollment.


Annual fees:

8000$ per year.

The Bachelor Stage

Goals of the Bachelor Stage and Educational Strategies:

The faculty determines the goals of the bachelor according to the goals of the university, as the law of the university regulations documented, and according to the goals of education in the medical section, aiming to prepare a well-qualified doctor and taking part in providing medical care in the society, as the following:

Clause 1: Aims of the Bachelor Stage

Download (PDF, 57KB)

Clause 2: Educational Philosophy

Download (PDF, 6KB)

Clause 3: Methods of Educational Strategy

Download (DOCX, 13KB)