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About the Hospital

This hospital is specialized in treating the students of Alexandria University, which starts with the establishment of the university and develops in constructions and units till they have included the faculty members and their families and many of the faculty of medicine members who worked there.

The idea of establishing this hospital started after a few years of establishing the University of Alexandria and that was by renting an apartment in an old building in Safia Zaghloul Street where there is now the current( Amir cinema)in 1950 to be an outpatient clinic for the detection and treatment of students and headed by the Dr. Ramzy Ibrahim.

In 1962 a major hospital of 4 floors was established in Horrya –street and next to Bab sharq police station it contained 82 beds ,where Dr.Mohamed Al-Gamrawy was hired as the director and with the continuous increase in numbers of students and the emergence of new medical specialties and the extent of the medical treatment to the members of the faculty and their families , a large building was held as an extension to the hospital in 1995 so the capacity of the hospital was Increased to 158 beds.

And still the hospital leads his treatment message with the continuation of the development and the renovation in its services and equipments.