The administration of the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, under the patronage of Professor Dr. Wael Nabil, Dean of the Faculty, and Professor Dr. Ali Abdel Mohsen, Vice Dean of the Faculty for Education and Student Affairs, is honored to receive a team of our dear partners at the University of Manchester to inspect the launch of the joint academic degree program between the two sides, which is scheduled to begin and organize  studies on Sunday, the 28th. November for the academic year 2021-2022 to get to know the students and congratulate them on the new academic year and provide some introductory lectures as well as workshops for the faculty members to fully support the progress of the educational process in the program and provide the assistance required to move on to the latest global educational methods to advance our children today’s students to become doctors. Tomorrow, we are supported by high academic, personal and professional competence. The visit was on Tuesday, 11/30/2021, until Thursday, 12/2/2021. We are honored to welcome:

Prof. Jo Hart                   Professor of Health Professional Education, Head of Division of Medical Education. Former- MBChB Associate Programme Director for Academic Affairs, MBChB Year 1 & 2 Lead.


Prof. Lucie Byrne-Davis Professor of Health Psychology, MBChB Curriculum Chair, MBChB Lead for Behavioural and Social Sciences, MBChB Associate Lead for Assessment years 1 and 2

Dr. Emmanuel Oladipo  Lecturer in Clinical Communication. Previously worked as an anatomy demonstrator. Manchester MBChB graduate and MSc Medical Humanities.