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The effect of Berberine on obesity through browning of the inguinal white adipose tissue of male rats.Prof. Dr. Eman Fouad Farghaly
Prof. Dr. Maha Wagdy Abu Nazel
Prof. Dr. Iman Ibrahim Zaki
Prof. Dr. Doaa Ali Abdel Monsef
Dr.. Reham Abdullah
Comparative histological study of the potential protective effect of Acarbose, Linagliptin and Quercetin on the aorta of type 2 diabetic ratProf. Dr. Iman Ibrahim Zaki1/7/2022
The effect of Aspartame on albino rat’s placenta and the possible protective effect of Ginger Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sayed Ayyad
Prof. Dr. Adel Mustafa Hussein
Prof. Dr. Ferial Fathi Ali
Prof. Dr. Ayman Ahmed Khanfour
Prof. Dr. Iman Ibrahim Zaki
Neurobehavioral, biochemical and histological assessment of the effects of resveratrol on cuprizone-induced demyelination in mice: role of autophagy modulationProf. Dr. Doaa Muhammad Sami3/5/2023
Prof. Dr. Iman Ibrahim Zaki
Prof. Dr. Basant Hassan
Prof. Dr. Doaa Ali Abdel Monsef
Prof. Dr. Dalia Muhammad
Prof. Dr. Samar Saleh
Protective effect of platelet-rich plasma on Cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in adult male albino rats: Histological and Immunohistochemical studyProf. Dr. Milad Naeem Qalada
Prof. Dr. Amani Al-Ajwani
Nancy Muhammad Al-Saqili
Mona Al-Mallah
Prof. Dr. Maha Wagdy Abu Nazel
Histopathological, physiological and biochemical assessment of resveratrol nanocapsules efficacy in bleomycin-induced acute and chronic lung injury in ratsProf. Dr. Shifa Muhammad Fakhr Al-Din Al-Sawy
a. Maha Wajdi Abu Nazel
Prof. Dr. Noha Zahran
Dr.. Neema Muhammad Al-Banawi
Dr.. Sublime prayer
Dr. Reham Muhammad Al-Musalmany