Faculty of Medicine Dean

Dr. Essam El Kordy, President of Alexandria University, congratulated Dr. Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, President of the University Hospitals Sector, on the occasion of the Presidential Decree appointing him Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

هنأ الدكتور عصام الكردى، رئيس جامعة الإسكندرية، الدكتور وائل عبد السلام، رئيس قطاع المستشفيات الجامعية، بمناسبة صدور القرار الجمهورى بتعيينه عميدا لكلية الطب .

Message From the Dean


Alexandria Faculty of Medicine is a student-centered institution. This means that while you are studying with us, it is your needs that come first. We will do everything we can to foster your personal and intellectual growth and to prepare you to lead a fulfilled life beyond the faculty. The standard of teaching and learning is one of the highest in the African region. External examiners, who are renowned academicians in Universities outside, evaluate our examinations.


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