Message From the Dean

Dear Colleagues, Members of the Faculty, Staff, and Students of the Faculty of Medicine

It is a great honor and a source of pride to belong to the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University. This faculty has a monumental past, a visionary present and a glorious future.

Thanks to research carried out in a wooden hut which stood on the northern corner of the site the faculty still occupies to this day, the cause of schistosomiasis, better known as bilharziosis, was first understood in 1851.

Message From the Dean
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افتتاح وحدة سحب و استلام العينات


Alexandria Faculty of Medicine is a student-centered institution. This means that while you are studying with us, it is your needs that come first. We will do everything we can to foster your personal and intellectual growth and to prepare you to lead a fulfilled life beyond the faculty. The standard of teaching and learning is one of the highest in the African region. External examiners, who are renowned academicians in Universities outside, evaluate our examinations.


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