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About the department


Staff member

Head of Department:

Prof. Dr. Amal Abd El-Monsef Abou El-Magd


Prof. Dr. Shawky Mahmoud Tayel

Prof. Dr. Gamila Mohamed Hafez El-Medany

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Saad Ahmed Rashed

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nour El-Din El-Said Salah

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sayed Ibrahim

Prof. Dr. Wageh Gamal El-Din Abd El-Ghany Barraney

Prof. Dr. Saad Saad Mahmoud Hassouna

Prof. Dr. Saied Ahmed Mahmoud Zaghloul

Prof. Dr. Nader Mohamed Afifi El-Nemr

Prof. Dr. El-Seyad Soliman El-Seyad Attallah

Prof. Dr. Ramdan Mahmoud Ramadan El-Gharabawy

Prof. Dr. Maha Diaa El-Din Ahmed Safwat

Prof. Dr. Fathya Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Hamid

Prof. Dr. Wafaa Abd El-Rahman Ahmed Abd El-Rahman

Prof. Dr. Eman Mohamed Ahmed Abd El-Megeed

Prof. Dr. Shirley Hilal Labib El-Maasarany

Retired Professors:

Retired Prof.Dr. Farial Fathy Ibrahim Hassan

Retired Prof.Dr. Fardous Ahmed Khamis El-Sayed El-Kalaa

Retired Prof.Dr. Hoda Yousef Saleeb

Retired Prof.Dr. Fouad Sabry Ali Hekal

Retired Prof.Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Kader Soliman Geneid

Retired Prof.Dr. Salwa Sayed Hussin El-Sabea

Retired Prof.Dr. Aliaa Esmael Mohamed Awwad

Retired Prof.Dr. Ezzat Abd El-Khlia El-Sawwa

Assistant Professors:

Assistant Prof.Dr. Tarek Mohamed Mohamed Eissa

Assistant Prof.Dr. Mohamed Hassan Farag Oweda

Assistant Prof.Dr. Zeinab Mokhtar Mohamed Soliman

Assistant Prof.Dr. Azza Ibrahim Mohamed Zaki

Assistant Prof.Dr. Amany Mahmoud Ali El-Agawany

Assistant Prof.Dr. Abd El-Ghany Hassan Abd El-Ghany Hassan

Assistant Prof.Dr. Eman Elazab Beheiry

Assistant Prof.Dr. Madiha Awwad El-Sayed Mahmoud

Assistant Prof.Dr. Raiad Mahmoud Hamdy Mansour Amer

Assistant Prof.Dr. Nancy Mohamed Aly El-Sekily

Assistant Prof.Dr. Ayman Ahmed Mohamed Khanfour



Dr.Mostafa Kandil Mohamed Soliman

Dr.Grabed Karlo Kighan Krabetian

Dr.Hitham Abd El-Latif Mohamed Mousa

Dr.Alaa Hamed Bassiony Mohamed

Dr.Sahar Abd El-Hafiz Shehata

Dr.Mahmoud Soliman Mousa Esmael

Dr.Nehal Mohamed Nabil Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Dr.Ehab Mostafa Mohamed El-Zawawy

Dr.Abeer Gaber Ahmed Mohamed Abd El-Rahman

Dr.Rasha Mohamed Mohamed Sallam El-Sheneity

Dr.Rasha Rabee Abd El-Hamid Sallam

Dr.Amira Hamed Mohammed Eltrawy

Dr.Dalia Mahmoud Biram

Dr.Miriam Ramzy Riad Fahmy Abdelmalek

Assistant Lecturer:

Assistant Lecturer Dr. Nesrin Mostafa Hussin El-Hommosany

Assistant Lecturer Dr. Melad Naeem Bashry Eskander

Assistant Lecturer Dr. El-Sayed Ali Mohamed Motwally

Assistant Lecturer Dr. Meriam Ramzy Reyad Fahmy Abd El-Mallik


Dr.Mohamed Gamal Ayoub Rezk

Dr.Shereif Hany Shoukry Tadros

Dr.Sally Mahmoud Mohamed


Programs and Courses offered

Post Graduates:

Master Degree in: Surgery, Medicine, Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Critical care, Obstetrics and Gynecology ….etc.

PHD in: Neurosurgery and Cardiology  …etc.

Under Graduates:

– First year Medical.
– Second year Medical.
– First year Dentistry.
– First year Pharmacy.
– First year Nursing.

Honors and Awards

Department Awards

– Fund from the High Education Enhancement Project funds to establish a Museum in 2007.

Labs and Facilities

Department Museums

Dissecting Rooms:

– Three dissecting rooms with 90 students capacity each.


– Dissected cadaveric specimens along the years.
– Plastinated cadaveric specimens and plastic models.


Type of Activity Description/Availability
1. Scientific Scientific monthly meeting. Will be on 27 november 2010, at 2 O’clock. About limb development and anomalies, presented by Dr. Shawky Tayel.
2.Post / Undergraduate There will be assignment presentations for undergraduate students about various subjects of neuroanatomy for a period of 2 months starting on November 20th, 2010.·

There will be assignment presentations for postgraduate students in topics , each according to their specialities, for a period of 4 months starting on November 20th, 2010.

3. Research International publications in the last 10 years (recent first):
4. Social & Environmental
5. Other: Conferences, workshops, attendance In the current academic year;2010 (recent first):
1. OraL presentation entitled (ambiguous genitalia: diagnosis & management with special reference to parental consanguinity and age at diagnosis)  will be presented by Prof. Dr. Shawky Tayel  at The First International Conference of The Human Genetics and Genome Research Division & National Society of Human Genetics   on 8-10th November, 2010.
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Contact information

Department Contact:

– Coordinator: Assistant Prof. Eman Elazab Beheiry