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About The Department


In line with the vision of the faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, the Department of Medical Biochemistry strives to be:

  • accountable and responsible in leadership.
  • supportive and accommodative towards students.
  • ethical in research and teaching.

Our Trend setting is taking the responsibility to:

  • be a leading nationally and internationally department; offering high quality academic programs comparable to those at the best universities worldwide.
  • remain updated and prepared in our subject discipline.
  • innovate towards extending the horizons of the discipline



Department of Medical Biochemistry commits to provide excellent education,
producing high-quality graduates, and conducting high-impact research for the benefits of the country and others.

So mission of the department of Medical Biochemistry is threefold: research, teaching, and service. Teachings includes formal classroom courses, which include both lecture and discussion formats, practical training in the laboratory, and development of communication skills for both oral and written presentation of scientific findings.

Research constitutes a second mission of the Department. Our strong emphasis is on discovery of new knowledge in Medical biochemistry and molecular biology. This is through integrating multidisciplinary approaches to solve significant problems in medicine.

Service is also a Departmental mission. Faculty members serve scientific societies by participating on reviewing manuscripts submitted to journals. Faculty members also serve on the committees that are essential for the mission of the faculty.

Staff Members

  • Head of the department:  
    • Prof. Dr. Nadia Ahmed Barghash
  • Professors:
    • Mahmoud Abdel Rahman Zaharan
    • Ahmed El Ashah
    • Samy Hussein Galal
    • Samia Ibraheim Elewa
    • Samia Abdel Fattah Sharaf
    • Soad El-Tabakh
    • Safaa Mohy El Din
    • Sabah Abdel Hady
    • Mohamed Naguib Dessouky
    • Fayrouz El Sayed
    • Ihsan Mohamed Abdel Rahman
    • Aymen Barghash
    • Mohamed Abbas Zeidan
    • Eman Ahmed Shaat
    • Amel Fouad Ketat


Strategic Plan

For Undergraduate Students:

  • Provide a stimulating educational experience that will motivate our students to become outstanding independent investigators, practitioners, and teachers.
  • Updating the Curriculum to cope with very rapid advances in medical biochemistry fields.
  • Enhancement of active and self-learning to help the students to solve clinical problems.
  • Updating the practical and laboratory techniques to cope with the global advances in laboratory techniques.
  • Direct the students to use recent text books.
  • Training the students on the application of biomedical knowledge for diagnosis and treatments of different diseases of disturbed metabolic functions.
  • Student assessment: to be mainly based on understanding, interpreting and analysis.

For Postgraduate Students and research activity:

  • Put a strategic research plan for the department following the Faculty and University plan.
  • Continuous training on the new trends in medical labs and training on new techniques.
  • Encourage students training in advanced Universities.
  • Continuation of conducting the scientific meetings.
  • Ttranslate our discoveries into meaningful applications for better healthcare and economic development.

For Technicians and Secretaries:

Encourage them to increase their capabilities by sharing in different training programs.

Further Activities:

  • Conducting hands on Workshops for different techniques.
  • Continuation of arrangement of Annual departmental integrated Conferences with updated topics.


  • Programs and Courses offered:
  • Post Graduate Courses:  

– Medical Biochemistry courses for master degree students in all specialties in faculty of medicine.

– Nutrition course for master students in high institute of public health.

– Courses for doctorate degree students in all specialties.

– Molecular Biology course for post graduate students.

  • Under Graduate Courses :

 – Medical biochemistry and Molecular Biology for first and second year medical students, first, second and third year medical students of international program

– Medical biochemistry and Molecular Biology for first year students of faculty of dentistry.

– Medical biochemistry for first year students of Faculty of nursing.

Labs and Facilities


1- Lab for undergraduate.

2- Fully equipped postgraduate research lab.


1- Thermal cycler ( PCR)

2- ELISA Reader     

3- V spectrophotometer

4- V spectrophotometer

5- Spectrophotometer

6- Centrifuge

7- Micro centrifuge

8- Vortex

9- Homogenizer

10-  Anatylical  Balance

11-Orbital  shaker

12-Hotplate Magnetic stirrer

13-Digital Balance 


15-Incubator      ( 20 c —— 65 c )

16-Incubator (20c——–100c)

17- Electrophoresis  set

18 – Autoclave

19- Cooling centrifuge

20-Ultra deep freezer

21- Gel documentation system

22- U.V  Transilliminator

23- Water deionizer

24-Real-Time PcR

25- Distillator                     

 26- Light  Microscope


Almwasah Campus, Fifth floor.