Cardiothoracic Surgery

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About the department



Cardiothoracic Surgery Department is specialized in the surgical management of cardiothoracic diseases as a major referral university center in this specialty. It offers educational services to under & post-graduate students.


Offering updated quality controlled services in the specialty of cardiothoracic surgery to patients and students. Conducting research work, scientific meetings and conferences by the staff members of the department have the aim of developing the specialty.


Branches of the department:

  • Adult cardiac surgery
  • Pediatric cardiac surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Perfusion and assist devices


History of the Department:

  • Prof. Abass Helmy headed the surgical department From 16/12/1942-6/71948, followed by Prof. Abd Elhamid Hafiz from 7/71948-3/3/1955. It was a general surgical department doing some paediatric, uro, neuro, and thoracic surgery.
  • Prof. Lotfy Dowidar, From 1951, headed surgical unit A, specialized in general and cardiothoracic surgery.  Prof. Lotfy Dowidar then headed the whole surgical department from 4/3/1955- 7/1/1956. In 23/12/1970, he became the Rector of the Alexandria University.

Staff member


Head of Department : 

Prof. Dr. Khaled Carara


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Khaddrgi

Prof. Dr. Samir Abdullah Khalil Kishk

Prof. Dr. Mounir Mohamed Mahmoud Zaarban

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Saleh Abu Qasim

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Mohamed Ramadan

Prof. Dr. Waheed Gamal Eldin Ahmed Atman


Assistant Professors:

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Kamel Elhmamy

Prof. Dr. Bakir Mustafa Hassan Bakir

Prof. Dr. Akram Refat Ahmed Allam



Dr. Basem Adel Abdel Aziz

Dr. Wael Mahmoud Ali Hassanein

Dr. Walid Salah Elsid Arab


Assistant Lecturer:

Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Mahmoud Shalabi

Assistant Lecturer. Sameh Mahmoud Said

Assistant Lecturer. Yasir Hamid Hejazi

Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Mahmoud Ali Alashmawi

Assistant Lecturer. Mohammad Sami Nassar

Assistant Lecturer. Amir Osama Mahmoud Mohammad

Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Mahmoud Ali Daoud

Assistant Lecturer. Islam Farouk Elgamal

Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaziz Abdellatif


Professor Emeritus:

Dr. Mohammed Lutfi Dwedar

Dr. Mustafa Ibrahim Ragheb

Dr. Mohammed Mustafa Ahmed Agha


Professor Not Emeritus:

Dr. Adel Abdel Aziz Ramadan

Dr. Mohamed Ali Hassan Khalil



Undergraduate programs

Fulfillment of the faculty curriculum of teaching of cardiothoracic surgery.

Programs are available for English, French and international sections.


Postgraduate programs

The master is that of General surgery.

The department offers the doctor degree of cardiothoracic surgery.

Labs and Facilities



1- Outpatient clinic of Alexandria Main University Hospital; Sunday &Tuesday 8-10 am.

2- Outpatient clinic of the new university hospital for insurance patients of adult cardiac surgery; Monday 8-10am.

3- Outpatient clinic of the new university hospital for insurance patients of pediatric cardiac surgery Wednesday 8-10am.

4- Outpatient clinic of Elshatby children hospital; Sunday 8-10am.

Operating rooms:

4 for open cardiac surgery

One for chest surgery

Intensive care beds:

11 for adult cardiac surgery

5 for pediatric cardiac surgery.

Intermediate care beds:

8 beds

Campuses, Buildings:

  • New hospital 2nd floor.
  • Old surgery building 1st floor


  • Somoha pediatric hospital.
  • Borg Elarab Cardiac center.

Contact information


Telephone: 01223175350


External Website:

Secretary of the Department:

Mrs. Abeer 01223588189

Mrs. Fifi 01223248709