Clinical Pathology

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About The Department

Clinical Pathology Department occupies the ground floor in the southern part of the internal medicine building. It is considered as the backbone of the main university hospital that serves the Northwest of  Delta namely; Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and Behera governorates. The department also carries out many of the post graduate scientific researchs for master and doctorate researchers. In addition to Children’s Hospital laboratory, El- Hadera Hospital laboratory  and The New Education Hospital laboratory.

Staff Members

Head of the Department: Prof. Dr. Amina Hassab

Professors (Ranked by Seniority):

Prof. Dr. Thoraya Tawfik.

Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Aal

Prof. Dr.Malak Mahmoud Abdel Hai

Prof. Dr. Mona Sobhi Sedrak

Prof. Dr. Aida Saleh Omar

Prof. Dr. Maged Maurice Mikhael

Prof. Dr.Elham Adbel karim Rizq

Prof. Dr. Iglal Youssef Shaala

Prof. Dr. Salah  Ahmed Marzouk

Prof. Dr. Mariam Abou Seif Helmy

Prof. Dr. Zeinab Ibrahim Mourad

Prof. Dr. Dalal Abdel Galeel ElGezeiry

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Rizq

Prof. Dr. Ola Atef Sharaki

Prof. Dr. Wessam Mohamed ElGendi

Prof. Dr. Dalal Mohamed Nasr Eldin Elkaffash

Prof. Dr. Nahla Gamal Farahat

Prof. Dr.Magdy mamdouh ElBordini

Prof. Dr. Akram Abdel Moneim Deghadi

Assistant Professors:

Dr. Taiseer Mostafa

Dr. Wafaa Ahmed El Neanaey

Dr. Abla Abouzeid

Dr. Pacent Moaz

Dr. Amani Sorour

Dr.Mohammed Ibrahim

Dr. Nermine Hossam


Dr. Amal Refaat

Dr. Hadeer Abassy

Dr. Mohammed Elsawy

Dr. Abeer Elhadidi

Dr. Doaa Hashad

Dr. Dalia Elneely

Dr. Rania Sweilem

Dr. Mona Wagdy

Assistant lecturer:

Doreen Nazieh

Hanaa Donia

Reham Fadl

Neveen Lewis

Eman Tayea

Marwa Gamal


– Post Graduates:

Master of clinical Pathology

Medical Doctorate of clinical pathology

– Under Graduates:

Teaching to the under graduate student of the fifth year of faculty of medicine.

Participating in the integrated learning activities of the pre-clerkship modules.

Labs and Facilities

The Clinical Pathology department is composed of the following units:

1. Main Department, which includes the following labs:

2. Emergency laboratory: which is fully equipped with automated machines to serve the hospital 24 hours a day.

3. Clinical chemistry laboratories 1&2.

4. Hormones and tumour markers laboratory.

5. Cytochemistry laboratory .

6. Immunology laboratory.

7. Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetic laboratory.

8. Coagulation laboratory.

9. Hematology laboratory.

10. Molecular biology laboratory.

11. Bone Marrow transplantation unit laboratory.

12. Shatby Hospital laboratory.

13. El- Hadera Hospital laboratory

14. The New Education Hospital laboratory.

Contact Information

Postal address:

Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria.

Khartoum Square, Azzaritta.

Alexandria, EGYPT.

Telephone: 00203 4864833