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About The Department



A team that offers distinguished medical care for critically ill patients, provides skillful medical professionals and scientific publications in critical care medicine.



To be the most advanced research and tertiary referral center in critical care medicine in Egypt (To be one of the most advanced research and tertiary referral center in critical care medicine in the middle east).

Staff Members

Head of Critical Medicine Department :

Prof.Dr. Tayseer Zaytoun

Professors and Assistant Professors :

Prof.Dr. Akram fayed

Prof.Dr. Tamer Abdala

Prof.Dr. Amr Abdala

Prof.Dr. Amr Aboela

Prof.Dr. Mohamed Megahed

Prof.Dr. Ihab Elreweny

Prof.Dr. Samir Elawady

Prof.Dr. Bassem Nashaat

Prof.Dr. Atef Abdelaziz

Lecturers and Assistant Lecturers:

Dr. Gala Abdelnaby

Dr. Ahmed Elmahalawy

Dr. Ahmed Abedelhady

Dr. Ashraf Roushdy

Dr. Yehia Elseid

Dr. Mohamed Abdelalim

Dr. Amr Dahroug

Dr. Walid Eldebs

Dr. Sherif Abdelfatah

Dr. Ahmed Elmenshawy

Dr. Ayman Nazmy

Dr. Osama Saeed

Dr. Hany Eid

Dr. Ahmed Ezzat

Dr. Islam Elfeky

Dr. Sherif Abdelmoneem

Dr. Abdala Farouk

Dr. Ahmed Nabil

Dr. Islam Elsayed

Dr. Dina Zidan

Dr. Amr Elrakiby

Dr. Hany Samir

Dr. Haitham Tamam

Dr. Yaser Noaman

Dr. Ahmed Fathy

Dr. Ahmed Taha

Dr. Moustafa Sheble

Dr. Mohamed Ezeldin

Dr. Tarek Elsifi

Dr. Emad Hamdy

Dr. Emad Zakaria

Dr. Marawan Elbouriny

Dr. Dalia Diab

Dr. Mohamed Elsayad

Dr. Heba Moshly

Dr. Haisam Meligy

Dr. Mohamed Eltokhy

Dr. Mahmoud Emad

Dr. Ahmed Abouamo

Dr. Shaima Esam


Dr. Ahmed souka

Educational Programs


Undergraduate programs:

4th grade: national and international

5th grade: national and international

6th grade national and international

House officers

Postgraduate programs  (Master, PHD, Diploma, Certificates):

Critical Care Master

Critical Care PHD


Under Graduates:
Mandatory course: shock, basic life support
Elective course: ICU admission criteria, monitoring in ICU, basic life support, respiratory failure, basics of mechanical ventilation, airway managment, shock, Arterial blood gases, ECG interperation, tramatic brain injury, vascular acess
Basic, respiratory, critical care medicine, trauma, cardiovascular courses

Residency Program

5 year including training in Critical care units of Alexandria University hospitals in incremental levels of responsibility and ICU levels under supervision of staff members of Alexandria Critical Care department together with acquiring ICU skills from intubation till trachesotomy, ultrasound, bronchoscopy, mechanical ventilation. Experience of dealing of all varieties of medical, trauma,post-operative, toxicological, neurological and cardiology critical care cases

History of the Department

The foundation of the department was started in 1975 by starting of emergency departments with 2 extended ER units

In 1986, addition of surgical intermediate care unit

In 1992, establishment of critical care department with first ICU unit and conversion of one previous unit into another ICU, then addition of a toxicology unit

In 2004, Addition of private ICU

In 2005, addition of Trauma ICU

In 2006, Addition of neuropsychiatry and epilepsy ICU

In 2010, Addition of Burn ICU

In 2013, Addition of Internal medicine ICU

In 2014, Addition of Medical intermediate care unit

Honors and Awards

– 1st Mediterranean Conference of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine in Bibliotheca Alexandria 2005.

– 3rd Mediterranean Conference of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine.

– 3rd Pan Arab of Critical Care medicine in Sharm Maritim international congress 2009 in collaboration with Egyptian Society of Critical Care and Emergency Medicine.

Labs and Facilities

Labs: (or clinics)





Ultrasound for critical ill


Mechanical Ventilation





Ultrasound for critical ill

Campuses: (Buildings)

Belharsia Building, 3rd unit Critical care department, Faculty of medicine, Alexandria University.

Belharsia Building, 2nd unit Critical Care department,Faculty of medicine, Alexandria University.

First unit, Emergency building unit.

Contact Information



Facebook ( Optional ): Alex Critical Care Medicine


Secretary of the Department:

MS. Sabah aly osman

MS. Magda abdelaziz seif

MS. Amany mohamed abdelhamid