library Halls & Rooms

Information rooms for students and faculty members:
It is divided into two halls, the first for faculty members and the second for students so that they can have a quiet viewing, with the possibility of using it for other purposes (meetings - seminars - workshops).

The staff in the viewing hall bring the books required by the beneficiary, then record the book’s data and the beneficiary’s data and present it to the beneficiary for review. After completing the viewing, it is returned to the hall staff member, who hands it over to the preservation hall staff member to put it on the shelf again.

Those responsible for the preservation hall record the books in the records when they arrive at the library, then create index cards for each book, organize and arrange them on the shelves in their places according to the library’s classification plan for easy access when the beneficiary requests it.

Index cards are made for scientific thesis, and the retrieval system has been updated by creating a full PDF file, which is updated every period as bibliographic lists to retrieve master’s and doctoral theses. As for books, the student retrieves them directly on the shelf, divided into sections and the movement of each book.

The photocopying room provides photocopying services, copying parts of letters on CD, and printing on paper to library patrons, in accordance with the stipulated library regulations.



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